Maite Perroni separated from Koko Stambuk after 7 years of relationship

The former RBD member gave details about the end of her love story on the podcast “Se Regalan Dudas”.

Maite Perroni Kissing Koko Stambuk
Maite Perroni Kissing Koko Stambuk

Maite Perroni and Koko Stambuk put an end to their romantic relationship. The Mexican actress was responsible for confirming the news in a recent speech she had on the podcast “Se Regalan Dudas”.

To the surprise of his followers, Maite and the Chilean producer have been separated for months; However, the singer decided to be reserved about it and it was not until now that she felt comfortable to open her heart publicly.

“Personally, I have already ended a relationship of 7 and a half years as a couple for months. And it does not necessarily have to be a toxic relationship, it is simply a story that ended a cycle, “he said.

According to the former RBD member, her relationship with Koko Stambuk came to an end because “their paths were no longer the same” and they managed to stay on good terms.

“The adult process of sitting down to have a dialogue where we could say: ‘This cycle is ending and although it hurts to see it, it is happening and it is becoming something else,’” he explained.

“We are entering another stage and if so, it is better right now to say goodbye with that love, with that honor and with that gratitude for what we were able to give each other and say goodbye, ‘” Perroni added about the end of their relationship.

“It was difficult and at the same time it was healthy, ” Maite said of the moment when she and Koko chose to separate.

“It was liberating, although it sounds strange, because we were already in different stages and we were walking to different places , ” she concluded.

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