Mauricio Ochmann breaks the silence about alleged romance with Maite Perroni

The ex of Aislinn Derbez clarified if he maintains a relationship beyond the professional with the ex of Mane de la Parra

Mauricio Ochmann
Mauricio Ochmann

Afew weeks ago it was announced that the actress Maite Perroni and the actor Mauricio Ochmann would shoot together a movie called “Without you I can’t” , which is why they both moved to Madrid, Spain.

Given this, rumors began to circulate on social networks about an alleged romance between the two celebrities after a communicator assured that they could be dating.

However, the 43-year-old actor has spoken about it and assured that this rumor was not true.

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Through his social networks, the actor assured that he misses his girlfriend Paulina Burrola a lot and asked him to please ignore those rumors, because he said that he misses her a lot and cannot wait to see her again.

For her part, actress Maite Perroni commented on the publication and pointed out that everything Ochman wrote was true, since love is only between the two of them.

“What a beauty, that’s right !!!! For a beautiful love and his alone ,  added the Mexican actress.


According to the program Con Permiso, Maite Perroni was seen with a man very similar to Andrés Tovar on the streets of Madrid, but so far nothing has been confirmed in this regard.

However, a few weeks ago it was announced that Maite Perroni would file a lawsuit against the actress Claudia Martín, Andrés Tovar’s ex-partner, as the actress claims that she allegedly leaked information about her apparent relationship with the producer.


Maite Perroni has been in controversy in recent days, this after being known that she would be involved in the alleged infidelity of Andrés Tovar to Claudia Martín To get away from these rumors, the actress decided to get away from social networks and go live a season to Madrid, Spain.

In recent days, the RBD member denied that she is involved in the breakup of Tovar and Martín, who are currently negotiating their separation after two years of marriage. However, although the singer has already denied the information, her image was severely affected by what she stayed away from social networks for a few weeks.

Perroni reappeared and took his social networks to give an update on his activities. Through her Instagram account, the actress published a photo in which she can be seen in a luxurious house and according to the location that she gave herself, she is in Madrid.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

The interpreter of “You are going to want to return” indicated in her message that she would be in that place for the next few months. Although he did not specify for how long, fans immediately began to speculate that it would be a new acting project.

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