Livia Brito and José Ron: learn about their love story

Livia Brito and José Ron transmit a lot of chemistry in the new Mexican soap opera La desalmada, find out here how their love story was years ago.

Livia Brito
Livia Brito

Livia Brito and José Ron are the stars of “ La desalmada ”, the new telenovela produced by José Alberto “el Güero” Castro for Televisa. The fiction, which premiered on July 5 in Mexico, takes up the classic melodramas with a story of revenge, justice and love. In the first chapters of the fiction the good chemistry of the actors has become evident, who have worked together years ago in another production and have maintained a close bond.

“It is a very special story and it is not very common because it begins with the desire to do justice and punish those who have hurt, unmask those who seem good and understand those who seem bad,” said the producer of the soap opera.

With just a few weeks of release, “La desalmada” is already a success, but not only because of the plot, but also because of the complicity transmitted by the protagonists of the telenovela, who had a romance in 2014. Here we tell you how it was they met and why they broke up.


It is not the first time that Livia Brito and José Ron captivate viewers with their performances, since in 2014 they starred in the Mexican telenovela “Italian Girl Comes to Get Married . ” It is said that during the recordings of this novel is when the attraction between the actors arose and, shortly after, they began a romance.

However, at that time the Cuban actress had a relationship of approximately 9 years with the Colombian singer Danny Frank, but, apparently, the attraction she felt for her co-star was stronger than she was unfaithful to her partner.

Livia Brito and Danny Frank had a relationship that lasted nine years, they even had plans to go to the altar (Photo: Livia Brito / Instagram)
Livia Brito and Danny Frank had a relationship that lasted nine years, they even had plans to go to the altar (Photo: Livia Brito / Instagram)

While she was still with José Ron, in 2015 an audio was uncovered in which it was revealed that the Cuban woman was unfaithful to her with her compatriot Lenny de la Rosa, who was also with the singer Fey. After this scandal the romance would have come to an end. There is not much information about it, as the actors never confirmed that they had a relationship.

Livia Brito was unfaithful to José Ron with Lenny de la Rosa (Photo: GEC)
Livia Brito was unfaithful to José Ron with Lenny de la Rosa (Photo: GEC)

However, on July 6 during a broadcast of the program ‘Hoy’, the host Andrea Legarreta bothered the couple of actors because she questioned them about their past relationship and asked them directly if they would try again.

“You were a couple in real life and in a novel, and now you are going to be again, how do you feel about it? Is there a probability of an overheating?  Said the presenter.

After this question, the protagonists were uncomfortable and tried to limit the conversation to professional matters. “No, no, no … Better ask José how the riding went ,” said Livia Brito.


Livia, who recently celebrated her 35th birthday, opened up about her current relationship with her co-star.

“As with other former couples, I am working with him, I get along very well with him, as with Lalo (Santamarina), as with Marlene, as with Marjorie and I am enjoying the success that is happening and that is already in the past ,” said the artist.

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Also, the actress denied all kinds of rumors about a possible reconciliation with the actor José Ron , since she currently has a two-year relationship and is very happy. Also, one of her wishes is to become a mother , and although she is currently in a stable relationship, she would not mind raising a baby on her own.

“I think that I will start to form my family, I ask that, not to get married, but to have children, yes. I have a relationship right now, I have been in a relationship for two years now, I am very happy , but even if there was no relationship and I would already like to have children, I believe that there are already women who are throwing themselves away and are doing very well, having this baby alone because, I say “Things are a bit difficult, but it does happen with my partner, I am happy, I am very calm, very comfortable, very stable” , she declared.

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Instagram will load in the frontend.

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