Livia Brito shows her beautiful figure and paralyzes the network

The Cuban actress will once again seek to be the revelation actress of the continent.

Livia Brito
Livia Brito

Livia Brito, like several actresses on the continent, is a multifaceted artist since her success is not only due to acting but also to modeling and entrepreneurial business. The talented Cuban is currently filming the first season of the telenovela “Woman of Nobody”. There the beautiful brunette will have a leading role with which she will seek to surpass her work in “La Desalmada”.

However, between set and recording set, Livia Brito has shown that she is a great time organizer. It is that a few hours ago she demonstrated her model profile on social networks. On her official Instagram account of her, Livia Brito shared a couple of photos that are part of a session she did for the sports brand ALO.

Livia Brito shows her beautiful figure and paralyzes the network

In the aforementioned photographs, you can see the great beauty of the brilliant actress, as well as the beautiful figure she has. There Ella Livia appears wearing a black sports outfit that is characterized by being tight. In addition to this post, the Cuban added a description that says the following:

“Today was a short week #babies to enjoy the long weekend that we all deserve. What will you do at Easter? @alo #liviabrito #semanasanta #finlargo. Baby, with an emoji, tell me what you are going to do this weekend long?”.

On the other hand, “Nobody’s Woman” , Livia Brito ‘s new project , is a series produced by  Giselle González  for  Televisa Univision . It is based on the 2004 telenovela, Amarte is my sin, created by  Liliana Abud. The strip began recording last month and is a great bet that has the popular Cuban star as its star. 

Livia Brito shows her beautiful figure and paralyzes the network

After hits such as “Para Volvera Amar”, “Caer en Tentación” and “Empire of Mentiras” , among others, executive producer Giselle González returns to the screens of Televisa-Univision with the melodrama “Mujer de Nadie” , a fascinating story of love, betrayals and transformation.

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