Livia Brito wears a light dress and stirs up looks with everything she boasts

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With her most recent publication on social networks, Livia Brito caught the eyes of her devoted admirers by modeling a light garment that she dared to lift to reveal her shapely anatomy, causing a sensation with everything she dared to show off in front of the camera lens. 

It is well known that the popular Cuban actress has been quite busy in recent months thanks to a new project that has her fans very excited, as she will once again star in a telenovela on Televisa, ‘Nobody’s Woman’, in which she will share the screen with the actor Marcus Ornellas. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.

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For that reason, the beautiful television celebrity has stayed a bit away from her digital platforms, but she usually surprises her followers with an occasional update when she has a little free time in the middle of the recordings of the melodrama produced by Giselle González.  

And once again, the well-known artist born in Cuba decided to take a couple of minutes off in the middle of her shoot to give her fans a treat and it was through her personal account on the Instagram social network, where He shared the photos in which he had no problem posing very coquettishly in a spring outfit that stole the sighs of users. 

As usual, Livia Brito stirred up more than looks when she was seen modeling in the middle of the lake while gradually raising her pink dress with a white floral print that sparked all kinds of reactions among her fans with everything she boasted. 

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“I love what I do, I love being an actress, although there are difficult days… every day I learn more, I have more patience and I am happier,” wrote the famous protagonist of ‘Italian Girl Comes to Marry’ in the caption of her publication, with which he immediately captured the attention of a large number of Internet users. 

Obviously, her loyal fans soon showered her with compliments and compliments in the comments section: “And you are the best at what you do”, “Beautiful woman”, “And we love to see you”, “How nice to see you enjoy”, “ No job is easy my love, I send you a kiss”, “Goddess my Livia”. 

Instagram will load in the frontend.
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