Tips for returning to an active sex life

us lives his grief differently and you alone decide when the time is right to try to date a new person. Only experience can tell.
us lives his grief differently and you alone decide when the time is right to try to date a new person. Only experience can tell.

After the loss of the lover or spouse by death, the idea of ​​dating again becomes out of search, some people decide to refrain from establishing a relationship with anyone, and others jump directly into a relationship to heal their wounds and feelings as compensation for the lover who lost, but in fact everyone deserves be happy if this means that we find romance again, it is worth.

Only experience can tell.

Here are tips set for widow of men and women to regain their emotion


1. Don’t date until you’re ready.

Traumatic experiences affect people each one differently, it may take months or years, but more importantly, don’t let others bother you to set the right time, and at the same time it’s hard to determine on your own, so when you feel ready go out on a regular date with a woman You may find that you are ready, and the advice itself is for women.


2. Promise a person for the right reasons

Do not rush your decision, think carefully if you want to date again, it is not a mistake because you are alone or you need companionship and even sex after a long break, singles promise for these reasons as well, but more importantly not to try to fill the gap in your heart left by the loss of your wife because Those who are dating will not be an alternative.

3 – Act at your convenience

This can be difficult because you will feel like you lost a part of your identity when your wife died, but trying to hide it makes dating difficult and miserable for you and your partner.Be sure of yourself and comfortable.This will make you more attractive to potential partners and this will boost your spirits.

4. Guilt is normal to start

You may feel like you are cheating on your deceased wife, you may feel embarrassed in front of your friends that you want to move forward, but dating again is not a mistake, and if you are ready, you are right to do it and after a few dates feelings of guilt must begin to disappear, and if you do not go, it is better to stay away For some time.

5 – Appointment is not a cure

Honesty is annoying, nothing good you will get when you hide a good wife, or claim that you did not like her, and it is natural that you have previous relationships, and this must be true for the woman you are dating, but do not spend all your time and you are staring at your dead, It is not a cure, focus on your partner and things go well.

6. Think ahead

To be present with the woman you are dating, ask her about her future dreams and think about what she wants from life.

7. Do not rush things

You have lost the sense of emotion of your partner physically and emotionally.You want to regain these feelings, but do not hurry, wait to see if you are trying to compensate for what your late wife left out of the blue or you are trying to replace them with other feelings and this is the best in the long run.

8. A transitional relationship is not a bad thing

You don’t have to be dating a new woman. Don’t just rush things. You can have fun with her without getting involved in feelings that make her enter your life when you’re not ready for it. It’s not possible to go out with her, touch her and kiss her, even if you feel like you want to have sex with her. Without guilt, live your life!

9. Don’t make promises

Don’t tie the woman you make to future promises as long as you still have the feeling of losing your wife, and you are not sure how you feel about the new woman.

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