Perfect Smile In A Single Session

perfect smile Teeth cleaning image
perfect smile Teeth cleaning image

The smile gives personality and attractiveness to a face. To be able to wear it without complexes and with beautiful teeth, technological advances in dental aesthetics have discovered the solution: COMPOSITE aesthetic veneers .

These veneers turn yellow, crooked and bad teeth into a perfect smile in just one session. Patients will be able to show off perfect white teeth without anesthesiawithout damaging the teeth and without killing nerves .

This advanced technique consists of two phases. The first consists of carrying out a smile study, in which the shape, color and position of the teeth are analyzed. It is important to note that to undergo the treatment of the COMPOSITE aesthetic veneers it is necessary to enjoy good oral health.

perfect smile

During the second stage, the doctor proposes to the patient the least aggressive dental reconstruction treatment for their teeth and together they choose how the future teeth will be in terms of color, position, size and their relationship with the lips.

The procedure that experts follow for the placement of COMPOSITE veneers is known as “layering” and consists of the arrangement of different composites , of various shades and hardness, in order to imitate the internal structure of the tooth. follow by the doctor are:

woman in white crew neck shirt smiling

  • Applying an etchant gel
  • Dental adhesive
  • Application of esthetic dentin composite
  • Application of an opacifying mass
  • Application of the aesthetic enamel composite
  • Conformation of dental anatomy
  • Polishing and polishing

With this advanced aesthetic-dental technique, leading in the United States, it is possible to work with the luminosity, opacity, transparencies and colorations of the pieces so that the patient can show off a smile as natural and young as he wishes.

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