The Calf And Its Surgical Treatment

Surgical calf
Surgical calf

Ankles that are too wide or tubular calves have become one of the most demanded treatments in recent times. In fact, it is estimated that 20% of patients who consult a plastic surgeon do so to treat this imperfection, which also affects men, although, as we will see, in a different way.

The legs are the most exposed extremities of our body, the calves being the ones that are most noticeable when wearing garments that leave them in evidence. It is estimated that it is one of the parts of the body that causes the most insecurity in women and shoulders, even exceeding the chest, buttocks and arms.

The most common is to undergo a surgical intervention that allows to reduce the volume of the calves to achieve slim calves . It is used by people who feel complexes due to the localized fat that they present or to excess muscle in that area of the leg , which is commonly known as muscle hypertrophy. The clearest consequence of the calf is the presence of tubular legs in which the differentiation between calf and ankle is not marked.

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Most of the women who undergo this treatment are between 25 and 55 years old, women who want to define the silhouette of their calves. The causes of the calf can be several: fluid retention, weight gain, genetic inheritance or swelling of the legs as a result of circulatory problems.

Surgical calf reduction and reshaping

Calf surgery is becoming more common every day. This is generally used to treat hypertrophied muscles, which do not have a good harmony with the rest of the limbs and the body. Along these lines, the surgery focuses on removing part of the muscle in calves that look too bulky. Thanks to this surgery it is possible to remove between 5 and 7 cm of the calf.

Calf Reduction

Surgery offers the alternative of eliminating this unsightly problem, permanently and with long-lasting results. In just two to three hours, which is how long the operation lasts, the patient can have toned and defined calves, calves ready to show off in skirts and shorts.

This intervention is performed by means of an endoscopy which is introduced by making a small incision of about two centimeters in diameter just in the fold that forms in the calf, which allows the scar to be almost imperceptible later.

Calf reduction by liposuction:

Calf Reduction

Likewise, there is another widely used technique that has excellent results: calf liposuction , which, unlike the previous treatment, has the main objective of removing adipose tissues.

Along these lines, it is important that before performing this intervention the patient can make sure that the professional in charge of the intervention is a certified Plastic Surgeon

It is a fairly safe procedure, but long-lasting, it is estimated that it can last up to 8 hours or even more.

Local or general anesthesia can be applied, depending on each case. Another important point in this intervention is that the ideal candidates must have enough fat accumulated in that area of the body to be able to extract, otherwise the doctor in charge will suggest another type of treatment to correct the asymmetry. Likewise, they must be psychologically fit patients to undergo an intervention.

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To perform it, some species of cannulas of no more than four millimeters are introduced, which will extract the excess adipose tissue to mold the calves. Being an area where many veins, arteries and nerves pass, the surgeon must be very careful.

What are the main cares after the intervention?

The postoperative period is not very painful, but it does require complete rest for a few days so that the new muscle adapts to the body. After that time, in which the surgeon will advise the use of analgesics to combat the typical discomfort after the operation, the patient will feel pain similar to those of stiffness, as well as a certain tightness in the surrounding skin, all of which will disappear when after a week.

Some post-operative recommendations from doctors:

The Calf And Its Surgical Treatment

  • Frequently perform lymphatic drainage by a professional: the main objective of this is to deflate the area and avoid possible fluid retention, which could turn into dangerous edema.
  • Your doctor will recommend the use of special stockings: your treating doctor will most likely ask you to wear special compression stockings to allow the skin to get used to its new appearance and shape.
  • Avoid the sun: it is very important that the patient avoid sun exposure throughout the recovery period.
  • Avoid playing sports: this point is key, since the patient must avoid doing any type of physical activity during the recovery period to avoid complications with healing or possible inflammation.
  • Avoid tobacco use: it is very likely that the treating physician will ask you to eliminate tobacco consumption before the intervention and during the healing period, since smoking prevents proper oxygenation of the cells and therefore can directly affect healing .
  • Take remedies and painkillers: prescribed by your treating doctor to control pain and possible inflammation in the area of the intervention.


The Calf And Its Surgical Treatment

As we have commented, not only women undergo this technique. More and more men are deciding to undergo twin augmentation out of a desire to shape and style their calves. Surgery has advanced in recent years and prostheses have given way to implants with autologous fat from the patient himself , thus reducing the risks of possible rejections.

With this surgical treatment, those men who had complexes due to the absence of muscle in the area of the twins regain their self-esteem. For this reason, this operation is becoming the fashionable treatment among the male gender.

It is also important to note that this intervention is often combined with other cosmetic and restorative surgeries to achieve the balance desired by the patient in: thighs, legs, knees, etc.

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