Actress Brad Pitt confused with a kiss after lifting her dress to show her underwear in front of him on the red carpet


While attending the premiere of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” Girls star Lena Dunham surprised world actor Brad Pitt when she kissed his cheek as they passed the red carpet and in front of camera lenses.



Brad, who was trying to act with a telegram in a dark suit, stood in the midst of several high-profile stars, including Margot Robbie, Quentin Tarantino, Daniela Peck, Costa Ronin and Leonardo DiCaprio, who were looking at the couple with a kiss.
According to the British Daily Mail, it is not the first time that Lina tries to get close to a house and draws his attention.In October 2018, she was seen wearing her dress to show her underwear on the set, in what she described as an idea that “looked good then.

Actress Brad Pitt Confused With A Kiss After Lifting Her Dress To Show Her Underwear In Front Of Him On The Red Carpet

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