TruSculpt 3D, The Treatment That Eliminates Localized Fat


One of the aesthetic imperfections that attacks the body figure is localized fat. This condition is difficult to treat, as neither diet nor exercise can eradicate it. Luckily, today we have TruSculpt 3D technology, which achieves results in a short time, allowing the person to reduce localized fat by up to 24%.

This innovative device manages to correct multiple body areas: thighs, abdomen, buttocks and others that are difficult to treat.

Commonly, localized fat attacks those body areas that are striking both in feminine and masculine aesthetics; Even if it is possible to eradicate it, sometimes it becomes a challenge to disappear it and show off a sculpted body. Until a few years ago, the best known procedures that guaranteed results were liposculpture and liposuction ; However, today there is a device that performs a more practical treatment and with the desired result: a sculpted body.


TruSculpt 3D is characterized by being the treatment indicated to eliminate adipose cells in people who neither diet nor exercise can sculpt their body.

TruSculpt 3D

This device, which stands out for its advanced non-invasive technology, combines radiofrequency and massage at a therapeutic level.

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3D is drunk to its three-dimensional structure that allows the circumferential reduction of adipose tissue and that is how the body is sculpted at the same time. To provide optimal results, you must work at a precise temperature in the adipose tissue ; Furthermore, not only does its efficiency make it stand out, but also its results in the short term. Therefore, this non-invasive treatment is ideal to correct that localized fat that can cause obesity and which in turn increases the risk of type two diabetes.

How is it the procedure?

The TruSculpt 3D results have been proven, achieving an ideal figure without having to go through the operating room and a tedious post-operative period.

This type of appliance should be used on the skin in the area to be treated and a radiofrequency pulse is applied to heat the skin tissue.

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It should be mentioned that this procedure is comfortable and surprisingly not painful . During the procedure, the person only feels a sensation of heat in the area that is being treated. Also, the procedure is personalized , since it can be adjusted to the desired temperature. To carry it out, the use of anesthesia or analgesics is not required; only active cooling or gel is required .

During the treatment, once the specialist determines the areas to be treated and after carrying out a brief preparation, the radio frequency energy emitted through the device is applied. It lasts for four minutes and at the end, this handpiece moves to another adjacent area to continue with the next impulse. A session lasts approximately one hour.

A curious fact about this treatment is that once the session is over, the fat cells continue to break down.


As it is a non-invasive procedure, no rigorous postoperative care or post-treatment is necessary; the patient can get back to their activities immediately.

The patient can observe the results from the fourth week and these will reach their maximum until week 12. Of course, the results will vary according to the patient and according to the areas that have been treated.


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Radio frequency is commonly used to eliminate fat and cellulite on the skin. It consists of using electromagnetic waves at a programmed temperature . The condition of the skin improves thanks to the fact that this treatment allows the formation of new collagen and attacks under the subcutaneous tissue . It is also one of the non-invasive treatments that can do without anesthesia. Among its main benefits are that it is painless, safe and fast.

Now, when combined with the principles of liposculpture, spectacular results are achieved and there is no risk .

Are there any side effects?

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If there is something that defines and highlights this device, it is its efficiency, safety and comfort . Therefore, there is no rest period, although the patient may present slight discomfort.

Among the side effects that can be caused are: redness , sensitivity in the treated area and sweating . These effects usually brown for a few hours, although sometimes they can also last for a few weeks. That is why it is always highly recommended to ask your doctor any questions since it is the specialist who will inform you more about what you can expect in relation to Sculpt sessions.

What to do before the treatment?


Once the specialist determines the number of sessions to treat the specific area you want, which usually ranges between two and four treatments , with a space of four to eight weeks, the specialist will advise you to go to the session without wearing jewelry and makeup. It is also necessary to remove excess hair in the area to be treated.

Who is a candidate for treatment?

Candidates will be those people who have localized fat problems, especially if after exercising and dieting you cannot eliminate it. It should be mentioned that even so, this treatment works best when combined with a proper diet and exercise . In consultation, the doctor and the patient review the specific objectives to be achieved.

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On the other hand, those who are not candidates to undergo this treatment are pregnant women and those who carry internal defibrillators or pacemakers. It is also not ideal for those with malignant or benign tumors near the area to be treated.

After knowing what this procedure consists of and knowing what benefits it brings to people’s aesthetics, it is recommended only to assist with professional and certified medical personnel, since as we have mentioned, TruSculpt 3D is a technique very similar to radiofrequency and in there is an intervention through temperature changes. To avoid damage to the skin, it is highly important to go to experienced personnel with this type of equipment and treatment, especially if aesthetically perfect results are sought.

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