Girls need to know! How to clean Her Vagina

Girls need to know How to clean Her Vagina
Girls need to know How to clean Her Vagina

Douching vagina, many women still do not know what that is? What do you do? Therefore asking for knowledge about this very gentle matter for the girls to know each other

What is vaginal douching?

Vaginal rinsing is the use of water or various cleaning agents injected into the vagina to clean the vagina. Or may use their fingers to clean the inside of the vagina But using fingers Need to be careful Not long nails And must always be clean

Do you need to wash your vagina?

The answer is not necessary because of vaginal washing. May cause problems later and the woman’s vagina can be cleaned on its own by maintaining the PH Balance naturally.

Then know that Women’s channel There are a lot of good bacteria. Even using plain water Just like we wash away the bacteria from the vagina and may cause inflammation in the vagina as well.

How to make the vagina healthy ?

  1. Eating healthy
  2. Drink at least 8 glasses of clean water per day.
  3. Always exercise, such as jogging, yoga etc.
  4. Having sex with the use of condoms always or checking the sexual health of couples And ourselves regularly Before having sex
  5. During menstruation May wash “vulva” (Vulva) more than 1 time / day by washing from “top to bottom” with warm water is sufficient
  6. There is no need to use soap. To clean the vagina But if you want to use To use unscented soap, no color (colorless) and gentle (Mild) only

The vagina has an unpleasant odor. What should I do?

Must first say Everyone’s vagina Will have the smell already Some people may have a faint smell. Some may have a strong smell. By the smell of the vagina Will change according to diet and menstruation

If the vagina has a strong odor Unwanted May need to be consulted by a medical professional to tell about the symptoms And correctly diagnosed

Caution in Vaginal washing

Although many doctors do not recommend vaginal washing But there are still many women The vagina wash is normal, so let’s take a look at the vaginal wash.

  1. In unmarried women without sex No need to wash inside the garden.
  2. Will wash the interior only when there is a musty smell Or have unpleasant odors After having sex Or having very vaginal discharge
  3. In the case of severe inflammation, such as vaginal discharge, yellow, swollen pus, pain, stinging pain, should not be washed, but should see a doctor better.
  4. The garden head should be cleaned inside. With sterilization boiling Or as a one-time use type
  5. Should not wash the garden more than 2-3 times a week
  6. Pregnant woman Or abnormal bleeding should not be washed And should not squeeze the liquid into the vagina severely Because of abortion Or premature birth
  7. Do not use strong disinfectants to enter the garden. Because it will cause all good bacteria to die And inflammation from bad bacteria
  8. This area is subtle and delicate. Do not use a solution that has a bite or destructive effect, such as alcohol, potassium permanganate, iodine tincture. Enter the garden, wash, etc.
  9. Choose a garden cleaner. Which is weak acid, does not destroy bacteria That helps prevent internal infections
  10. If using the garden head Should not inject water into the wash thoroughly because it will cause internal injuries
  11. If you want to have children Do not wash the garden after having sex.
  12. Washing can cause vaginal mucosa to dry. And can cause allergic reactions to the garden water wash If there is a burning sensation, should stop immediately.
  13. If the garden is washed using the garden head Should not insert the head of the garden too deep. Remember that the vagina is not more than 7 cm or not more than the length of the index finger of the woman itself.

What do you think?

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