The Croatian model who would be tracking Belinda and is all the rage with her fiery photos on Instagram

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Belinda Pawn Shop
Belinda Pawn Shop

Although after her experience with Christian Nodal and all the suffering that her breakup brought, likely, Belinda does not want to know anything about love for a long time, this does not mean that many are lining up to conquer her heart.

Some will keep it well guarded, but others, like the model Dean Pelić, leave some evidence on social networks, which of course, have not escaped netizens.

Dean is known as “The Most Wanted Croatian Model” for the number of successful campaigns he managed to carry out in his native country, starring on the cover of many magazines and television commercials. He has also prepared himself as a presenter, and at the same time, he has bet everything on his passion for writing, publishing his book in 2017 called ‘His side of the story for you.

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And although he seems to be very focused on his career, the model has taken part of his time to comment on the photos of the Spanish singer, opening the possibility that he is interested in conquering her heart.

With few words, but being noticed, this is how the model has acted discreetly. And it is that in at least Belinda’s last five publications, there is a comment from him, with an emoji that says more than a thousand words. In the last post, the interpreter shared an image where she appears with an intense gaze and her full lips very closely and she wrote the letter ‘b’ in lowercase with two stars at the bottom of the publication.

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In response, Dean commented with the same ‘B’, but in a capital letter, followed by a candy emoji. Although nobody knows what he wanted to say to him, the truth is that the fans noticed his comment and were moved by also replied: “Beautiful, they would be an incredible couple”, “They would make a nice couple”, and “Someone tell me who is he and where? ”, “Dean and Belinda, for mercy and all the Belifans”, were some of the messages, as well as many emojis of fires and hearts of various colors.

In a previous photo, the actress also appears with a pink shirt unbuttoned and showing a pronounced neckline on the chest and wrote: “My bear with a Mexican heart…”, referring to the chain she was wearing. And then Dean wasted no time and commented with a teddy bear emoji, to get her attention.

While in another post, he preferred to leave an emoji of little stars, which also did not go unnoticed by the faithful followers of the famous. “Can you imagine a couple of them, OMG it would be a 1000”, “Omg her little children would be so cute. Beli deserves to be happy”, “Go on and have very cool children”, “Dad, come on, you are getting late, king”, “You would make a beautiful couple with Beli”, wrote the netizens, who cannot wait to confirm if these two are up to something.

The model is all the rage on his Instagram account with quite hot content, where he shows off his abs of steel, shirtless, fresh out of the shower and in a towel. But he also shares the best landscapes of his trips with his 125 thousand followers.

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