This is how Belinda’s magnificent Hollywood estate is decorated

Belinda lives in an opulent house in California with a wonderful vantage point of the famous “Hollywood” sign.

Belinda’s lavish $4 million estate in Hollywood, California, with its more than 450 square metres, looks like something out of a magazine and is certainly a fantasy. And although it was long believed that Lupillo Rivera had given it as a present, the truth is that she purchased it as a result of her outstanding professional achievement.

The house in the Hollywood Hills neighbourhood of California features five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, an amazing infinity pool, and a prime vantage point from which to see the famous city sign.

How is Belinda’s home styled?
The open space design of the home from 2016 is quite contemporary and has been popular for some time. White is the dominant hue in all situations, creating the impression of openness and letting in a lot of light.

Belinda decorated the space with minimal, “clean,” and contemporary furnishings. White walls, white ceilings, and hardwood floors add some warmth. The living area is divided in half by a large fireplace that looks like marble but has black veining instead.

The armchairs in various tones of grey are the centre of attention, and some of them have printed cushions to provide some colour to the room. The kitchen, which has an outstanding design and was built to blend in with the rest of the room and not visibly pollute it, is located next to the enormous white grand piano on the same floor.

As if that weren’t enough, the main room features a big closet with a capacity for 120 pairs of shoes and a prime view of the Hollywood sign. There is also a hot tub and space for customization.

The facility’s biggest draw is the enormous infinity pool outside. Along with a little green area for relaxation, there is also a sort of outdoor living room with a fireplace and other conveniences for hours of fun in the sun.

Belinda has chosen to rent out the mansion to use the proceeds to pay off all of her obligations, as it appears that she is not currently enjoying these pleasures. This has given her something to talk about.

How did you feel about Belinda’s home?

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