Carlos Varela announces concert in Madrid

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Carlos Varela
Carlos Varela

The singer-songwriter will return to Spain to present classic songs from his discography along with other new songs from the repertoire as is usual in his presentations, longed for by thousands of Cubans both on the island and in other countries.

The musician announced this presentation when the echoes of his controversial concert in the Sports City of Havana have not yet died down, where dozens of young people asked for “freedom” after the singer-songwriter premiered in Cuba the song La Feria de Los idiots, recorded together to the pop-rock group Sweet Lizzy Project in the United States.

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The author of Como Los prizes has been the target of criticism on social networks for shouting Viva Cuba Libre during the performance and several Internet users have reviled him for that statement; while other users have defended the position of the author who has always maintained a critical position on the island.

After the presentation, which took place at the Havana World Music Festival, organized by the singer Eme Alfonso, the singer-songwriter thanked the public for “vibrating” with his songs, for which he received more than a hundred messages of support.

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Born on April 11, 19963 in Havana, Carlos Varela belongs to the second generation of Nueva Trova along with singer-songwriters Santiago Feliú, Gerardo Alfonso, and Frank Delgado and has released several albums that have marked generations of Cubans such as Jalisco Park, Carlos Varela live, Coins in the air, Like the fish and Clouds.

Varela has performed on important international stages where he has sung alongside legendary musicians such as Joaquín Sabina, Ana Belén, Pablo Milanés, and Luis Eduardo Auto, among others, and has been called “the Cuban Bob Dylan” for his work.

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