In dental floss, Chiquis Rivera is recorded while massaging her big rear

Chiquis was recorded without clothes and using only a dental floss while they massaged her great rear

Chiquis Rivera
Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera looks slimmer and more spectacular every day. It seems that the singer has her secrets to looking this beautiful and she decided to reveal one of them through her Instagram stories.

Jenni Rivera’s daughter was recorded on a stretcher without clothes and wearing only string panties while they massaged her big rear. It turns out that this is a technique to reduce cellulite on her buttocks, which is why Chiquis often goes to the spa to have this treatment done.

Since she is not afraid of what they will say, she recorded herself explaining to her fans how well these massages have gone for her. But what stole the most attention is that in the audiovisual it was possible to see the great body and rear of the American.

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And it is that lately, Chiquis does not stop causing a furor in the networks where she has been shown with fiery outfits with which her fans have been able to notice that the singer looks thinner but without losing the eccentric curves that make her a sensual bombshell.

Instagram will load in the frontend.

“ Very beautiful Chiquis”, “Chiquis always beautiful is still humble”, “Beautiful Queen Chiquis”, and “Wow what a woman! ”, Are some of the messages that she receives daily.

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Her harsh separation from Lorenzo Méndez

Although the singer is going through an excellent professional and personal stage, it has not always been easy for her. She recently confessed that after separating from Lorenzo Méndez, she suffered from severe depression.

“ I separated during the pandemic, I think we all suffered equally during that time, and well, I was going through a separation and I did have a strong depression. I didn’t want to get out of bed; Instead of not eating, I overeat, so I gained extra weight. I’ve always suffered from that too, from the weight, I didn’t want to comb my hair or put on makeup. I was alone, ”she confessed in the interview.

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Recall that the couple decided to separate in 2020 after a year of marriage. She at that time declared that she suffered domestic violence from the music producer, although he has always denied the statements of her ex-partner.

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