Belinda enters the pool in a sexy bikini, flaunting her small waist and cleavage

belinda model
belinda model

Belinda charmed Instagram as she entered the pool by posing in a bikini to display her breasts and her stunning figure.

Belinda once again drove her tens of millions of fans wild with a stunning bikini picture that flaunted her trim form and made more than one person fall in love with her.

The singer published a picture of herself standing from the pool in a beautiful burgundy bikini that stood out due to her skin tone on her Instagram stories, so it appears that she is spending some time with her family in a paradisiacal location.

The Spanish woman, who wore dark shades and curved her form, stunned her admirers with her lean and toned body.

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“Cool our goddess Bely,” “What a beautiful figure you have, greetings and blessings,” “You are the most beautiful in the world,” “as always, a cake,” and “beautiful, great human being, intelligent, educated and talented, and winning as always” are some of the compliments that have been made to Bely “The comments left by her admirers describe her as “a woman’s dream,” “Indisputable, she is super beautiful, may the damned suffer,” and “what a brutal beauty.”

And it appears as though Belinda has already moved over her breakup with Christian Nodal since she has been entirely focused on her professional career ever since she left Mexico and moved to live in Spain.

Recall that the contentious couple announced their separation at the beginning of the year, but it wasn’t until almost a month later that Nodal went off on Twitter and published a conversation in which she asked him for money to get his teeth done.

Do you suppose I could have my teeth repaired this week, honey?

So you won’t receive any money this week?

other than my parents?

For what may I repair them?

Belinda questioned him.

Belinda Peregrin Schull | Celebrity bikini bodies, Celebrity bikini, Bikinis

It appears that Nodal’s answer was unfavorable, and this set off the couple’s bitter argument and eventual separation.

“I sincerely regret everything I went through with you; you destroyed my entire life. It would be best if you focused on your career, as that is the only thing that matters to you.

I’m not going to continue acting in this way with your folks or anyone else because I foresaw this outcome.

Belinda said to him, “I knew you were going to leave me alone and end life.

“He spent 20 years raising his daughter and then abandoned her.

I’m healing; give me space.

They don’t worry me, and I don’t even ask for credit for my work in music or life.

Everything wonderful that is occurring is both deserving of and costly to me.

When I tire of giving, everything is done “Along with the private dialogue she released, Nodal wrote.

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