They suggest that Ninel Conde might be sued for suspected violation of contract

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The Mexican singer and actress Ninel Conde continues to be the center of controversy. This time, the famous artist could be sued for alleged breach of contract.  The “First Hand” program revealed that Ninel Conde allegedly did not comply with the contract he signed with the businesswoman Guadalupe Madera, who would have paid him to appear in California, United States.  The businesswoman assures that she paid the money that the artist requested. However, she claims that Ninel went on stage and only sang two songs. She then left claiming that she had not been paid the full amount.

“The lady is not professional and she ran away like a complete thief, who is fraudulent for having sold two dates on the same day because she knew perfectly well that it was not going to fill me up. So, she, in complicity with my competition, made me a fraud”, denounces the businesswoman Guadalupe Madero. According to the version of Madero, who unfortunately does not have a contract that supports her, she stated that she paid her $4,000 that was missing, but still Ninel did not offer the full show.

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In addition, Madero denounced unfair competition because Conde performed for free in San Francisco, as part of the Pride Month celebrations, a few hours before the show that the businesswoman had scheduled.

“A week before, last Friday, she uploads a flayer where she says that she is going to perform at the Pride, for free because there they were not going to charge. How is she going to present herself at 4 in the afternoon, that same Sunday for free and I am going to charge 40 dollars because they go to see her? She accepted because, according to her, it was going to benefit me and you know that she is not going to benefit me in any way if the lady was going to show up six hours earlier, free of charge, in San Francisco, such a small city, ”explained the businesswoman.

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The “Bombón Asesino” stated that she agreed to be at both events because the organizers of the Pride in San Francisco promised to promote and publicize her event at the Guadalupe Madero club. The businesswoman said that there was no such promotion. Even Guadalupe Madero assured that Ninel Conde lied about the shooting he experienced after his show in San Francisco. Ninel posted a video of her on her social media where she is seen hiding in the trailer while there is an alert for alleged shootings at the event. “There were rumors that they were fighting and there was a stampede that is not known why, but there was no attack, there were no bullets, there was nothing of what they are saying. It’s a lie,” he adds.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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