This is the enviable physical condition of Ninel Conde

Ninel Conde sports an enviable figure at 45 years old. She, faithful to her style, shared with her followers a sample of beauty and dedication to her bodily health.

ninel conde 1
ninel conde 1

Friends from work, childhood and high school all want to get together to say goodbye to the year. After so many celebrations, Christmas is still to come. December and diet have only their initials in common. That is why Ninel Conde shares tips on how to make ends meet at least by maintaining a good exercise routine.

“This month a few of us will break the diet… do we agree?” Ninel said accompanying a photograph in the mirror on her Instagram account, and the model is aware that good health care implies some sacrifices, that is why it helps us to stay in shape even during the most difficult dates of the year.

Instagram has become the aesthetic social network par excellence. That is why Conde shared her beauty tips in the most appropriate place. With a beautiful photo in which her belly of steel was seen under a black top, she said: “That’s why we can’t neglect the gym. So I leave you three exercises that are in my weekly routine and you can do at home, without needing weights In this way, he announced a simple routine without apparatus and without the need for weights or special elements.

 Ninel Conde

First she recommended the dreaded squats. “They improve posture, we exercise legs, and we tone the booty! They are great for training the lower body,” said Ninel Conde. Although the model recommended them as a “weightless” exercise, those more trained can carry a backpack with some weight.

She then continued with the core saying, “Another exercise that I love is sit-ups. They improve our endurance, balance and our abs.” He ended up recommending “Push up” to improve the upper body. A perfect combo for those who intend to “misbehave” during these days.

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