All the hair colors that Ninel Conde went through and which one we stayed with

Ninel Conde shares all her looks on social networks and, without a doubt, she looks fabulous with the blonde she wears every day. She has also dyed her hair in other colors.

Ninel Conde

At 45 years old, Ninel Conde sports a sensational body, the result of the intense training routines she performs every day. Her popularity is such that she shares beauty secrets and looks with her more than 5 million followers on social networks, like all the colors with which she dyed her hair. Which one do you like the most?

The “Bombón Asesino”, as she is known, began her artistic career in 1995, after having won the Señorita Estado de México contest. Realizing that she wanted a place in the artistic environment, she studied theater and corporal expression at the Emilia Carranza Art and Theater Center. Later, she studied acting, singing classes, relaxation techniques, directing, and projection.

His first job was in the telenovela “Under the same face”, then he ventured into the theater and also participated in programs such as “Al derecho y al Derbez”. Over the years, Ninel Conde has positioned herself as one of the most popular artists in Mexico and everything she makes of her becomes a trend.

All the hair colors that Ninel Conde had:

Blonde and long

Ninel Conde is an inspiration for many women and she knows it, which is why she shows her physical changes on social networks. In 2020 she wore spectacular long blonde hair that turns platinum at the ends, an ideal option for those who want to look younger and illuminate her face.

Those who do not dare to dye themselves completely can start with a few or finite highlights of a shade less than the natural one to start the process little by little. One of the most used beauty tricks is to dye the strands that fall on the face so that the contour is more illuminated.

Dark and wavy

The Mexican has also dyed her hair dark, which gives a harder look and features. This option is not recommended for women who want to show off a more youthful face, but Ninel Conde did not care and opted for this look that looks incredible with waves.

Purple and lilac at the tips

The actress loves to play with Instagram filters and on one occasion she used one that left her hair straight, purple, which gradually fades until it reaches lilac at the ends. Her followers praised this look, but she did not dare to take it to real life and she prefers to stay with her blonde.

For Ninel Conde, her best look is blonde and it is the one she wears every day, as can be seen on Instagram, without a doubt, it is everyone’s favorite. On this social network, she also shares her training routines on Instagram and has a website where she sells all the products she uses to exercise, such as the girdles that mark her body contour.

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