Ninel Conde and a perfect miniskirt to stand out at any event

A two-tone lace miniskirt may be all you need to dazzle on this very special date. Recreate this super sensual look by Ninel Conde!

Ninel Conde 5 1
Ninel Conde 5 1

With 4.9 million followers who are inspired by her infamous looks, Ninel Conde is becoming more and more sensual. With outfits to impress on stage but also with super sexy outfits to train or go for a walk, she shares with her fans her particular way of living fashion.

Ninel Conde and her love for the miniskirt: her top-secret weapon

A lover of minimal garments, the miniskirt is a perfect ally to show off her tiny waist and her shapely legs. The singer is known as “Killer Bombón” and trains almost every day of the week, for which she boasts a figure with marked curves and a small waist, thanks to her genetics, which seems even smaller with certain styling tricks! We review them!

First of all, Ninel Conde does not forget the high-waisted rule: it lengthens the torso and by giving a few more centimeters to the view, it refines and stylizes the silhouette even more. Therefore, all of her miniskirts, if you pay attention, are snug at her waist and even go a little higher, she is a fan of high-waisted!

In addition, she combines them with upper garments that do not cover the central area of ​​the body, so that they do not hinder the famous hourglass shape by covering it and, if possible, add a wide belt to highlight the waist.

In addition, she resorts to miniskirts with some detail such as two-tone leather or two different lace: one of the combinations she likes the most are those that combine black and white because they allow her to play with the upper garment in one of the two colors, continue with the footwear game: be boots or heels the chosen ones.

On the other hand, the singer Ninel Conde plays with other details of the look that add to the sensuality that the miniskirt proposes: hair pulled back in a ponytail, nude glossy lips, eyes made up with intense eyeliner and super eyelashes. to top it off

She knows very well that she should also wear a suitable top: a tight muscle shirt, a blouse with a bareback, or a cropped top that shows part of the torso.

In general, the bijou she chooses is bright and simple: gold chains, bracelets with flat shields, and pearls or cubic stones as earrings. Fabulous!

And what are you waiting for to add a high-waisted mini skirt in the best Ninel Conde style to your wardrobe?

Remember! All the information we provide at MDZ Femme is for inspiration only in case you have any questions. The important thing is that you wear what makes you feel comfortable, no matter your age or your body.

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