Ninel Conde causes controversy by recommending caffeine to minors

The singer was harshly criticized on social networks; she has not answered yet

ninel conde 15
ninel conde 15

Ninel Conde does not stop being in constant controversy. Now it is not about the escape of her husband, Larry Ramos, who is a fugitive after being accused of fraud in the United States, nor the pending to see his son Emmanuel , but the singer recommended a miracle product with caffeine to minors. age.

It all started when it became known that the singer has been very active on her social networks promoting some drops that she claims she uses and have helped her lose weight, as they have accelerated her digestion and reduced her desire to eat.

So far everything is relatively normal, but the problem that many pointed out is that the ‘Bombón Asesino’ said that these could be ingested without problems by people 14 years of age and older.

“I took my drops to control hunger and anxiety. They are 100% natural, so children 14 years and older, something like that, well, very good. It helps them with everything, it helps you go to the bathroom better, if you go to the bathroom more, you don’t gain so much weight, ”he says in his commercial.

In the Gossip No Like program, where the news was released, they consulted a doctor and he told them that the recommendation is dangerous, and does not recommend that children consume caffeine because it alters the central nervous system and increases blood pressure.

In addition to these effects on the system, the doctor stressed that the product can be harmful not only in minors, but also in adults and therefore recommended that each case be consulted with a doctor before ingesting products like this.

The singer and actress has not yet commented on the claims of her followers and on her Instagram profile she has some videos with tips to lose weight or mark specific areas of the body such as creams and other products.

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