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Elite: Netflix confirms the sixth season and the premiere date of a special

The Spanish series claims to have two installments by 2022. The phenomenon in youth and the reasons for its success

Elite: Netflix confirms the sixth season and the premiere date of a special

A fresh production, direct and at the height of what anyone is interested in. When they created EliteCarlos Montero and Darío Madrona knew what they were doing. And it seems that the chest of ideas of this youth series is not exhausted: the fifth season has not yet been launched and Netflix has already announced the completion of a sixth installment. The dates? It is not yet known when they will be released, but it is estimated that this will occur in 2022.

The platform has changed its marketing strategy by suspending the audience on whether or not to renew the series. On this occasion, he has defied all his publicity methods to announce an Elite season even without publicizing the previous one.

To get even more out of it, the production company decided to risk trying a risky format, since the content was about to become a cliché proposition. Yes, short stories like Carla and SamuelGuzmánCaye and RebeNadia with GuzmánAnderOmar, and Alexis were a success, to the point that fans wanted to delve further into this Elite alternative. Now other short stories will be released, specifically, PhillipeCayeFelipe (December 15), Samuel – Omar (December 20), and, finally, Patrick (December 23).

Season 4: what happened in Las Encinas?

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Itzán Escamilla As Samuel (Netflix)

The critics of the fourth season did not wait, perhaps for the excesses and the scenes out of tune. Despite this, the public continues to prefer them. In this fourth batch – SPOILER ALERT! – The departure of Aaron Piper and Miguel Bernardeu would mean two options for the following deliveries: disappointment or expectations achieved.

On the other hand, Benjamin (Ariadna’s father) is the new director, a bit strict. But as time goes on you will find that the control you thought you had will get out of hand. The daughter of the prone actor is the next victim. A romance between Ari and Guzmán was the focus of the plot, although she did notice Samuel in the process. While Mencía tries to conquer Rebeka’s heart, although this brings some complications with her parents. Guzmán visits Nadia to say goodbye and start a travel route with Ander.

Omar and Ander will have an “ally”, although, over time, it caused some problems. And last but not least: a romance between Prince Phillipe and Cayetana took an interesting turn for the audience, although this was soon disappointing after he crossed the line.

Additional: the last episode left more questions than answers. It is known that in Elite there will always be a victim of a crime. They are central to the equation for this thriller.

Elite: generational success

Elite 2 Scaled
The Poster Of The Fourth Season Of The Elite Series

The Spanish production occupies position number 9 on the list of most-watched series of Netflix, with 20 million viewers in its first season. The promising title cast, with the young and veteran actress Danna Paola, was one of the main reasons for its success, as the singer bridged that gap between two continents with her role as Lucrecia: a stylish antagonist. On most occasions she made herself hate, but she knew how to win the hearts of those who saw her on the screen.

However, Danna Paola’s departure was a bit confusing for the audience, so she is still missed. On the other hand, the rest of the cast had a streak of good luck: Ester ExpositoAaron Piper and Omar Ayuso debuted in the first minute and, today, their names do not go unnoticed.

In the following seasons, other young talents joined in, hooking viewers. An example of this: the winner of the X Factor 2018 of Spain, Pol Granch (Prince Phillipe) and the actresses Martina Cariddi (Mencía), Carla Díaz (Ariadna), Georgina Amorós (Cayetana), and Claudia Salas (Rebeka), who continue in the following credits.

Elite 3
A Scene From The Fourth Season Of Netflix’S Elite

Elite remains current. On some occasions, this phenomenon has been compared with the movement that Rebelde achieved (Mexico version). In fact, they have similarities in the background of the plot and in the narrative approach, so it is very convincing to think that they knew how to conform to the concepts that young audiences want to consume in streaming.

But compared to 2005, this production addresses problems such as drugs, sexual exploration, embezzlement, and social inequality, among others. That fine line between non-censorship and bordering on excesses could be a key point in breaking down taboos, myths, and paradigms that television used to offer in the past. Centennials, of course, want a taste of what happens in real life. To be treated as adults: that was the main objective of Carlos Montero, its creator.

It is clear that his scale of success exceeded expectations. With more than four installments on the air, it is enough to confirm that the public still wants to quench the scandals that could happen in Las Encinas. So much so that the renovations were not long in coming.

Netflix has not given that cruel preview of what could happen with the open ending of the fourth installment. So, at the moment, there is no key news of the fifth season, much less, of the sixth. One would have to settle for short stories, a Holidays Edition special. This innovative format (set around Christmas) will tell more details about its characters, including some cameos. So don’t expect these to be a quiet holiday season for these characters.

What will happen? We would have to wait until 2022 to find out what happened to these rebellious teenagers.


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