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Tiger King: new scandals for the second installment

The colorful saga of America’s best-known big cat owners continues on Netflix

Tiger 1
King Tiger: new scandals for the second installment

When you think you’ve seen it all… Netflix surprises you with some extravagant proposals, like the second part of the Rey Tigre docuseries. Although it is simply a dispute between these exotic animal owners, the platform seems to take the opportunity to delve into something that could go unnoticed.

Produced by Rebecca Chaiklin and Eric GoodeRey Tigre is a sordid, direct, and a bit raw proposition that comes with an unexpected -for many- second season. With Joe Exotic behind bars and Carole Baskin ready to take over his ragged zoo, the saga continues its twisted plot, revealing new motivations, stories, and secrets from America’s most famous big cat owners.

Old rivals and friends – including Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark, Allen Glover, and James Garretson – resurface for another season of murder and insanity. We believed that the chaos was over. But it was only the first scratch.

Tiger 2
Joe Exotic Feeding One Of His Tigers At Tiger King

The central axis of the story revolves around the confrontation between Carole Baskin – the owner of the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary – and Joe Exotic ( Joseph Maldonado ). Baskin publicly denounced in the first season the animal abuse and exploitation that Maldonado committed, unleashing a rivalry that became an obsession for the man, who sought to hire someone to make Baskin disappear. He was arrested and is currently serving a stiff 22-year prison sentence.

Despite the public denunciations against Baskin, this series has made her a celebrity, and she has not wasted the moment. As we saw in the first part, Carole is not who she appeared to be. Although he sought to denounce the precariousness in which Joe’s animals lived, his sanctuary does not offer what is necessary to keep his animals in optimal condition. And something was hiding the woman: the complaint is attributed to the disappearance of her second husband, Lewis.

The showdown between Baskin and Exotic will escalate, so Joe eventually had to pay her an exorbitant amount for property rights. While he sought to end Carole’s life, his life began to take a costly fate: sentenced to prison.

Tiger 3
Carole Baskin At One Point In The First Season Of King Tiger

What can you expect from Tiger King 2?

Joe Exotic is behind bars as Baskin is about to approach his zoo property that has started generating negative comments. Reputation is one of the main reasons why you could falter after several years of effort. Would Carol get any outside help? Still not known.

This Emmy- nominated production seeks to continue to reveal twisted details, worth-knowing stories about the secrets of America’s most important conservation cats. New secrets, old enemies, dramas, and motivations could lead to misunderstandings. Among those faced, in this season of chaos, madness and murder would be Jeff Lowe, Tim Stark, Allen Glover, and James Garretson. It remains only to wait for what might happen.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the original Netflix docuseries, it obtained 92% approval, something very remarkable, considering that it is out of the typical mold that they usually present. This wacky story could get you hooked on the obsessive and criminal portrayal of both Joe and Carole.

On November 17, the expected sequence of Rey Tigre will be released.


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