Wednesday Netflix Series: 5 References to the Original Addams That You Cannot Miss!

Wednesday Netflix Series: Wednesday, the Netflix series, may not be exactly what you would expect from the Addams Family. Sure, the young woman’s arrival in streaming is much the same as hers and her relatives: It has the deadpan humor, macabre puns, and gothic flair that made the original sitcom and its subsequent films such a creepy icon of culture. popular.

This new installment even makes things more interesting when it adds some new things like supernatural powers and a school environment. Oh, you can’t miss the mystery behind a series of murders either.

It might seem like there’s a lot going on in this production, but it also has the time to include various tributes to previous releases and many easter eggs that probably not all fans noticed. Starring Jenna Ortega in the title role, this promising eight-episode series, of which the actress already knows what she would like for a second season.

Wednesday (tv series) manages to bring fans of old material together with new audiences thanks to her staging, its interesting characters and, especially, an outstanding performance (and loved by viewers) from the actress who plays the gloomy young woman.

wednesday netflix series

What began as the brainchild of a cartoonist named Charles Addams , a comic strip that satirizes the ideal 20th-century American family with an oddly creepy combination of wealthy aristocrats who revel in the macabre without realizing they are seen as odd or scared by other people, or that they don’t care if they are.

Beginning with the 1964 television series, with the title of The Addams Family, made up of Morticia and Gómez, their children Wednesday (tv series) and Pericles, along with other close members such as Uncle Lucas, grandmother, Fingers and the butler who did not appear but until later, along with other additions that came even decades after its first episodes.

This creepy and quite funny teen starring mystery with Burton as producer and director is the perfect platform for the younger generation to see and get interested in his signature spooky style. The series that combines fantasy with horror and slasher is an entertaining coming-of-age that became an instant success, continues to generate conversation and memes days after its premiere, as well as questions about a potential season two on Netflix. .

The door is open for Jenna Ortega to return in the role, as she’s said she’d like the second batch of episodes to be a lot darker, but until she gets to more it’s time to explore some of the best easter eggs and references to previous productions of the peculiar family.

Wednesday (Netflix Series) brings back Christina Ricci!

Wednesday Netflix Series

A direct connection in Wednesday (netflix series) to the famous movies, and the character itself, is linked to the presence of Christina Ricci in the series. The actress who played Wednesday in the 1990s had more than just a cameo, as her character actually had no intention of leaving. She played Professor Thornhill, who shared many scenes with the character from Jenna Ortega, whom he apparently advised by posing as good people until his true nature was revealed.

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Uncle Lucas

Wednesday Netflix Series

It’s true that the Netflix series pulled some surprises like Wednesday’s visions, and Uncle Lucas’ electrical power may seem to come out of nowhere at first glance. Here he was seen shooting lightning bolts out of his hands, à la Emperor Palpatine, but this is actually another great reference to the classic series.

The character has an iconic moment where a light bulb is placed in his mouth and it’s for some reason lights up. The adaptation doesn’t stray that far from the original Lucas, only now we understand that electricity runs through his entire body, literally.

The two clicks

Anyone familiar with the Addams remembers the production’s classic tune containing fast double clicks. These clicks are not a one-time reference, but play an important role in the Netflix series. When Wednesday investigates a secret society within Nevermore Academy, she discovers that the secret code to enter her lair consists of two clicks, which cause a statue to move to make way for visitors.

The pilgrim world reference in Wednesday – Netflix Series

Wednesday Netflix Series

The sequel The Crazy Addams II (78%)it has its share of iconic moments. The scene from the Thanksgiving skit gave us a Wednesday skipping her lines to give a speech about how the Pilgrims oppressed Native Americans and stole their land. Currently, there will be no shortage of someone coming out with the forced or political inclusion discourse, but that happened in the 1993 film.

Now, the 2022 version, Wednesday Netflix Series, picks up on that when Wednesday goes to an amusement park, specifically the area known as Mundo Peregrino. and gives a speech in which he says the country has grown accustomed to “whitewashing” history, implying that the pilgrims are guilty of genocide and other atrocities, while telling tourists that the sweets they are eating were made by oppressed indigenous people.

Girl Scouts for Breakfast

Wednesday Netflix Series

Wednesday has a great wit to respond to any situation, and that led us to another reference to the movie starring Christina Ricci . In Wednesday Netflix Series, she replies intimidatingly when she says that she “could have Girl Scouts for breakfast,” which is a reference to one of the most iconic moments in the movie: that scene where a Girl Scout approaches her lemonade stand and asks if the juice is made from real lemons, to which she asks if the cookies he sells are made from real girl scouts.

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