Belinda’s former lovers gave her these pricey presents

belinda 6 1
belinda 6 1

The persons with whom the artist had a romantic relationship gave her showy presents. The unthinkable is the detail.

Belinda is without a doubt one of the most attractive and gifted performers in the nation.

Every action she does surprises her, and right now, after the breakup with her last lover, Christian Nodal, she is going through a difficult period.

Both have gained notice, and magnificent gifts and presents have appeared, including the singer’s pricey engagement ring that she got from her previous ex-boyfriend.

After Belinda and Christian Nodal broke up, an unplanned internship would have started because of the items and presents the artist would have gotten.

The most significant of them would be the ring the 23-year-old singer handed her, which had an emerald cut with a 60 million dollar market value.

In addition, Nodal gave her a dog, and at the start of their relationship, he gave her a diamond bracelet that Tous had signed.

Additionally, it is said that Nodal handed her a home worth up to $670,000 that is situated in a posh neighbourhood of Guaymas, Sonora.

Additional boyfriends and presents

However, Belinda has made a number of her relationships public, and her ex-boyfriends would have bought her very expensive presents as a token of their affection.

Despite there being no evidence of a relationship, Belinda was also associated with Lupillo Rivera.

Although he refuted her account, it was said at the time that he had provided her with a lavish home.

The singer was previously romantically linked to cosmetic surgeon Ben Talei, with whom she visited Dubai.

The plastic surgeon is claimed to have given her home as a result of their connection, although this hasn’t been proved.

Criss Angel, another one of Belinda’s ex-boyfriends, sent her gifts as well, and she would have gotten two capuchin monkeys for her birthday from Giovanni Dos Santos.

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