Belinda used sensuous gestures to show off her legs

Belinda Pop has improved but its still sexist

The singer Belinda performed over the weekend at the Machaca 2022 Festival in Monterrey, Mexico, where she delighted her fans with her greatest hits. The Spaniard, who lived more than 20 years in Mexico, returned to the land that welcomed her since she was a child and where she trained as an artist to participate in this great musical event. In addition to delighting with her beautiful voice and a great show, the actress also wore a sensual outfit that left everyone shocked.

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On the stage of the Monterrey festival, the singer wore blue panty-style shorts and a pink top, revealing her legs and her voluptuous rear.  While performing her song “If I didn’t want you” with Juan Magan and Pencil Conscious, Belinda showed off her sensuality and dancing skills as she turned around and moved her rear guard to the audience to the rhythm of her sticky song. The moment was captured on video and quickly went viral due to the artist’s sensual movements that left everyone speechless.

“You are beautiful. You sing beautifully. Live you can hear your voice”, “Beli wearing the charm”, and “She is quite a charm”, were some of the comments left by the followers in the video that has circulated on the different social networks.

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Although Belinda‘s show at Machaca 2022 was a success, the singer suffered a health problem while on stage. The show went on normally but from one moment to another her body began to react badly and she had to stop the show. Belinda was shaking and confessed to her audience that she felt bad. However, she refused to leave the stage and asked the audience to give her a minute to collect herself.

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“I’m feeling a little dizzy, and I don’t want to get off the stage; So if you’ll do me a favor and sing this song for me, I’ll sit here with you guys until I feel a little bit better,” she said from the stage.  The singer confessed that she went through a 15-hour flight to get to the event, so fatigue could have contributed to her imbalance. However, she refused to leave the stage. “I’m not going to go. I want you to know that I am coming straight from a 15-hour flight to be here with you because I love you with all my heart,” she added.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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