Windows 10: beware of this malware that appears to be a Google Chrome update

Through Google Chrome, a virus is trying to infect your Windows 10 browser. Here’s how to protect yourself.

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Detect this malware early before it infects your Windows 10 computer. Photo: T21

A dangerous malware campaign was discovered by a team of Rapid7 researchers. According to their findings, the infection of your Windows 10 browser is done through requesting permissions to display notifications as well as through messages urging you to update Google Chrome to its latest version.

The company explained that the attackers devised an airtight way to fool users and that the malware they created is capable of bypassing Windows 10 User Account Control (UAC) security protections and taking over your computer.

The objective of these cybercriminals is to obtain personal information, such as the login credentials of their online services. These attackers even have the possibility of executing arbitrary code that opens the doors to other types of threats.

You can identify malware by the way it seeks to intrude on your computer or PC. While you are browsing the Internet, you will see a Google Chrome dialog box requesting permission to send you notifications. At the same time, it will block the content behind it and show you a huge arrow to pressure you to accept.

If you fall into the trap, a message will falsely inform you that your web browser is out of date and will offer to update it immediately through a button located in the same dialog box.

This is how malware disguises itself, which, once inside your device, will try to take control of the operating system.

However, it is Windows 10 that can be the most vulnerable to this virus due to some security problems that allow the execution of arbitrary code in a scheduled task.

According to Rapid7, these types of malware problems can be avoided if you keep your operating system and all your programs up to date. Try to navigate to trustworthy sites and consider purchasing an effective antivirus.


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