WhatsApp: This is the true meaning of That Strange Emojis in Japanese

The icons are older than you think
The icons are older than you think

 has an arsenal of 3,000 emojis available to its users, so it is no surprise when Internet users find some emoticons that do not have a clear meaning.

The truth is that the instant messaging application has managed to confuse us more than once with strange emojis , such as the three drops of sweat, their angry faces or the mysterious drop of blood . This time, attention is focused on a group of icons that show Japanese characters and that hardly anyone uses in their daily conversations through WhatsApp.

What do the Japanese WhatsApp icons mean?

You may have noticed that in the eighth panel of emojis in WhatsApp there are a good number of icons alluding to Japan, most of them represented in the form of kanjis, or characters of the Japanese alphabet. However, it is not known exactly why they are there or what they mean.

Fortunately, there is an encyclopedia of emojis tasked with explaining the meanings of these emoticons and more. According to Emojipedia, these symbols , which have been in existence since 2009, can be directly translated from Japanese to Spanish.

For example, the blue one means ” here “; the green , on the other hand, means ” reserved “; red, in turn, has two translations: ” discount ” or “reduced prices”, if you translate it literally; finally, the orange in Spanish is ” free “. Did you expect it?


Remember that emojis are originally from Japan. They were developed for SMS messages that were sent through cell phones that still had physical keyboards; that is, many years ago.

It was Apple that popularized the so-called emoji when it added the interesting faces to its famous iPhone, although, originally, only Japanese users could use them. Now, emojis are the standard and you can use them on Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.


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