How to delete all your old Facebook and Twitter posts?

Are you ashamed of what you posted on Twitter and Facebook years ago? Learn how to delete those posts simultaneously.

Learn About The Best Tools To Delete More Than 3,000 Tweets Simultaneously And All Your Publications On Facebook. Photo: Bitfinanzas
Learn about the best tools to delete more than 3,000 tweets simultaneously and all your publications on Facebook. Photo: BitFinanzas

Social Media  like Facebook and Twitter have been part of people’s lives for more than 10 years. On both platforms, users often post photos, videos, and even make posts that can currently be embarrassing.

Due to this, both have options that will allow you to delete one by one the publications and tweets that you made in the past, but there are also external tools that make this process less tedious and faster.

Here we will introduce and explain how the most used applications currently work to delete old publications simultaneously, regardless of whether the post is from many years ago.


How to delete all old Facebook posts?

As we mentioned, in Facebook there is a function with which we can delete old posts , but —if you want to get rid of several at the same time— you will need extra help; that is to say, of an application.

One of the best known is Social Book Post Manager , an extension developed for the Google Chrome browser that just by installing it on your computer you can delete several publications at the same time.

  • Once you have the extension, open a window in Google Chrome and log into your Facebook account.
  • Then display the options menu that is next to the notifications icon and enter where it says settings and privacy.
  • Now, enter the activity log to open a new screen and click on your publications.
  • You’ll see three options here: text updates, visit logs, notes, and more; photos and videos; and posts from other apps. Select the one you want.
  • Later, click on the icon of the Social Book Post Manager extension.
  • A window will be automatically displayed in which you can indicate the year, write the text you are looking for in the publications you want to delete or delete all posts except those with a specific description.
  • It is important to mention that Social Book Post Manager also has an option that allows you to review all the publications that will be deleted before being deleted, in case you miss any.

How to delete all your old tweets from Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, on Twitter we have an important catalog of tools to delete tweets . All are very simple to use and here we show you which are the most popular currently.

Tweet Eraser

It is a completely free application that allows you to delete up to 3,200 old tweets simultaneously. To do this, Tweet Eraser will download all the content of your timeline and will offer you several filters to make it easier. You can choose between exact dates, keywords, by hashtags and by image content. Choose the one you want and delete everything.


Delete All My Tweets

If you are looking to erase all your past on Twitter , Delete All My Tweets is the best option. This tool is very easy to use, since it will literally erase everything on your timeline without the option to save some.

To do this, you have to enter your account, authorize it so that it can access your publications on the social network and let the application work by itself. However, if you have more than 3,200 tweets you will have to repeat the process several times.

Tweet Delete

This has a service very similar to that of Tweet Eraser , since, in addition to being free, it will allow you to delete about 3,000 tweets simultaneously. All you have to do is choose the period of time you want to delete: older than one week, two weeks, one month, two months, three months, six months and up to a year.

Once you have the authorization to enter your timeline, you can delete the posts that contain a certain word or phrase. If you want it to be general, do not check any option and give it to execute task.


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