Tips to keep your cell phone information safe

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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Currently, mobile devices have various security systems to prevent them from being unlocked in the event of theft or loss. On the part of the iPhone the most recent models have facial recognition so that it can be even more secure, which has already led people with bad intentions to take other measures to open the devices.

One of the methods of information theft is social engineering, that is, convincing the person using deceptive methods to give you their passwords or access numbers, with this there is no need to violate the security of the platform and they can enter without further ado. issue.

This bad practice frequently occurs on smartphones, so it is advisable to always have security systems activated. Another of the most used functions is to find your cell phone, with this you can quickly locate your device, block it, and even make it ring in an emergency.

Recently, there have been cases where once the device is lost or even stolen, a series of emails and text messages arrive with unofficial URLs requesting your email and password, this is a clear example of social engineering where They want you to give them your access data so that they can enter without the need to violate the platform.

Tips To Keep Your Cell Phone Information Safe

To recognize unofficial websites is very simple, sometimes mobile devices know the numbers that have been sending spam so verifying the number would be the first step to consider, as a second sometimes they send emails requesting information and even set a date limit, currently Apple does not set any time limit to be able to track the device and does not request personal data through this means, everything is done on the official iCloud platform.

In the same way, it is necessary to read that the website is the official Apple website and that it does not have another variant such as iCloud or clouding, sites that seek to steal data from users, in addition, the emails will always be from the official website of the company and not from Gmail, Hotmail or strange websites.

You have to carefully check the sender of the email since some attackers send the email to Apple and it seems that it is an official one when in reality they are only labeling it, finally, the most important thing is to report the IMEI with the cellular company, once it is reported will no longer have a signal and no more calls can be made unless you recover it and with all your documentation the report is withdrawn, remember to have this number on hand for any type of situation to act immediately.

It is always advisable to act immediately and carefully check that all websites are official and not give any access code to any page or person who may misuse it.

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