Kourtney Kardashian and other celebrities who married in non-traditional dresses

Rachita Salian
Rachita Salian
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For the third time, the socialite Kourtney Kardashian and the drummer Travis Baker joined their lives, this time in a huge ceremony in Italy, which unlike the previous two was not only attended by their respective families, but also by some of the most important celebrities in the entertainment world.

The couple said yes on an isolated terrace of the “Castello Brown” in Portofino and the place was decorated entirely in red, with large carpets on the floors and roses of the same color that adorned the corridor where the bride paraded and the altar.

What completely caught their attention was the dress she wore for the most important day of her life since it was faithful to the style she had shown off on previous days; she even in the pre-wedding where she wore a fitted black outfit, which was accompanied by a small veil in black and blue tones. Many thought that the eldest of the Kardashians would walk down the aisle in a similar model, but although she opted for the classic white… the bridal trousseau was anything but traditional.

The mini dress was made by the Dolce & Gabbana brand and was made up of a white lace background, which highlighted the curves of the businesswoman and on which she also placed a white corset. Matchings were shoes and sleeves that didn’t completely cover her arms. The most spectacular thing about the model was the impressive and very long lace veil on which an image of the Virgin Mary was embroidered.

But she is not the only celebrity who broke the rules of etiquette and chose to wear a somewhat more rebellious look, other personalities such as Gwen Stephanie, Avril Lavigne, and even Elizabeth Taylor have married in colorful dresses and even some of them with gothic styles.

On the national scene, some actresses also decided to put some imagination into their dresses. They are some brides whose garments stole the limelight of the moment:


At her wedding to Juan Soler, in December 2003, the actress dazzled with a simple yellow dress, and the groom was also surprised by arriving on a motorcycle. After 15 years they announced their separation in 2018.

Yvonne Montero

On a farm in the State of Mexico, the actress Yvonne Montero married the former member of the Uff group, Fabio Melanitto in a ceremony where the couple exchanged traditional colors. She was wearing a black dress and he was wearing a white suit. Two years later they divorced and have a daughter together.

Salma Hayek

At her wedding to French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault, the Mexican actress and producer chose a romantic-cut Balenciaga brand half-white and half-gray dress, while she arrived at her wedding in Venice in a red dress.

Marimar Vega

The protagonist of ‘Valentina’s wedding’ also did not wear a typical wedding dress at her wedding with the filmmaker Jerónimo Rodríguez. Marimar had a dress made in shades of ivory and pink, the same colors used by all the guests at the ceremony.

Sofia Rivera Torres

Eduardo Videgaray’s wife, for the happiest day of her life, decided to impose fashion and leave dresses behind to wear pants. Her wedding dress was a white jumpsuit, strapless cut on which she mounted a kind of skirt to imitate the train; plus she didn’t wear a veil.

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