Facial Feminization: What Is It, | Risks, Results, Options and Cost

cirugia feminizacion facial
cirugia feminizacion facial

Sex change is no longer seen as something strange and most of society accepts without any hesitation those people who have had the misfortune of being born in a body that did not correspond to them.

Sex change treatments and operations have also evolved a lot and the results that can be achieved today are truly spectacular.

The change from male to female is especially complex when it comes to the face since the female face tends to have finer and more stylized features. However, plastic surgery makes available to those women who are carrying out their change a wide variety of processes with which they can shape their face and see themselves in the mirror as they want to be.


In transsexual women, vaginoplasty and breast augmentation are the most demanded operations, but after them, the most sought-after intervention is thyroplasty, which consists of removing the walnut.

The prominence of the so-called Adam’s apple is especially visible in biological men. In those cases in which this prominence is very noticeable, it can be reduced so that the face fits better with the feminine aesthetic.

The walnut is cartilage, so what is done in thyroplasty is to reduce that cartilage as much as possible without damaging the vocal cords.

This operation is quite simple nowadays and only lasts an hour. Also, the scar it leaves is almost invisible.

In the days following the operation, the patient may notice some change in the tone of voice, but it is due to the swelling of the area and it disappears after a few days.

Cheek augmentation

The cheekbones are one of the most prominent areas on the face of a biological woman and therefore, they are very important within the processes of facial feminization.

Through the operation to increase cheekbones, this area of the face is more defined, providing more freshness and harmony. The most common way to do it is using silicone implants that are placed through an incision in the mouth, so it does not leave any visible scar.

This intervention lasts approximately one hour. It can be done even on an outpatient basis if it is not going to be combined with any other operation aimed at feminizing the face.

At first, the patient will notice a swelling that will last a few days. The final results will not be appreciated until a few months later when the implant is well seated in place.


When making changes in some parts of the face, such as the cheekbones or chin, it often happens that the nose that was had is no longer proportionate. In these cases, what is usually done is to resort to rhinoplasty to achieve a nasal appendix that gives a more harmonious and feminine appearance to the face.

Rhinoplasty is one of the plastic surgery most required inside and outside transsexual dad processes.

What is done with this operation is to increase or reduce the size of the nostrils and the configuration and angle of the nose. It is about working the cartilage to give it the desired shape.

Rhinoplasty is so common today that the process takes one or two hours to complete and in most cases, the patient can sleep at home the same day as the operation.


The chin has a direct influence on how the face of others is perceived. A square or too prominent chin is often associated with biological men, so women who have changed their sex often want to change this feature of their face to stylize their profile.

The chin can be added or reduced, depending on the tastes and needs of the patient. What is achieved in any case is to make the area of the mouth stand out more and balance the face.

Mentoplasty is performed, whenever possible, accessing the chin through the mouth to avoid the presence of visible scars. If this is not possible, we try to keep the scar under the chin so that it goes as unnoticed as possible.

This operation is performed under general anesthesia and can last from one to two hours. The initial inflammation disappears a few days after the intervention, but it will take a few months for the tissues to be fully recovered to be able to appreciate the final result.


Blepharoplasty can be a good option to achieve a more beautiful and youthful female face if you have excess fat under your eyes. This operation allows for reducing bags, and dark circles, and correcting droopy eyelids.

The result is a face with a much more alive and youthful appearance achieved through an outpatient procedure that is carried out under local anesthesia. After a week the patient will be able to return to her usual life.

Feminizing facelift

All the elements of the face can be modified and improved to achieve greater facial feminization, but you can also choose to directly reshape the face to give it a more feminine appearance. This is something that can be achieved through the feminizing facelift, which in turn helps reduce wrinkles.

The operation consists of repositioning the muscle layers, skin, and fat, and removing the excess tissue. In this way, a more defined facial oval and a face with fewer wrinkles are achieved.

The scars from this intervention are hidden behind the earlobe and on the scalp, so they are very discreet.

This intervention can last between three and five hours since it is somewhat more complex than those that have been exposed so far. It is carried out under general anesthesia and the patient usually has to be admitted between one and two nights. The final results are appreciated in a period of 10 to 15 days.

The feminization of facial features is a very important step for transsexual patients to truly see themselves as women. The intervention is always personalized, according to the facial features of each person, so the results are very natural. Therefore, a specialized surgeon will know how to assess the changes that each patient needs and adapt them to their maxillofacial structure.

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