The HomePod will be relaunched by Apple with additional functionality

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The HomePod could return to the Apple catalog more than a year after the firm decided to discontinue the product. This is revealed by the renowned Mark Gurman for Bloomberg, where he assures that the technology company from Cupertino is preparing to launch a version of what was its first smart speaker. A piece of news that agrees with recent rumorspointing to 2023 for its official launch. It would thus be the second version of this device, originally presented in 2017.

The HomePod is making a comeback!

After disappointing sales figures and waning interest, Apple decided in 2021 to shelve the HomePod chapter as a premium speaker. Instead, the HomePod mini remains so far in the company’s catalog as a cheaper and more attractive option for the bulk of users who want to choose to have a company speaker in their homes. That is why the arrival of a new HomePod to attract the most demanding users is not a minor fact, taking into account the poor results achieved by its predecessor.

According to Gurman, it is expected that the same approach will be maintained in both size and audio quality. However, it would bring a new multi-touch screen on top with new capabilities. Additionally, from the aforementioned publication, it is also noted that this HomePod will integrate inside the same S8 chip that will arrive with the new generation of Apple Watch.

Every house needs this speaker

The smart home continues to gain relevance over time and, naturally, Apple seeks to redouble its efforts in this scenario. WWDC 2022 left news in this regard, with a renewal of the Home application, and the next HomePod will be a new attempt to make the device the nerve center of home operations for those most demanding with the audio experience.

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