Netflix: how to activate personalized birthday greetings on the platform?

The streaming platform hides several secret functions and one of them is birthday greetings. Find out how to activate it here.

Netflix is the most popular streaming movie and series platform today. This service, available on iOS and Android mobile devices , has many secret features that very few users know about, such as personalized birthday greetings .

Organizing a physical meeting to celebrate a friend’s birthday is complicated by the current situation. It is because of this that many prefer to do it through video calls. But if what you want is to surprise that special person, Netflix becomes a great ally, since it has a hidden option with which it offers a wide variety of personalized birthday greetings .

How to activate personalized Netflix birthday greetings?
Although the streaming series and movies service is paid, this functionality is completely free. You can access it from your computer, tablet, iPhone or Android phone . The process is quite simple and here we share it with you.

Access Netflix from your computer, tablet or smartphone. The version does not matter, because the process is the same.
Click on the magnifying glass to activate the platform search engine
Finally, type the word “birthday”, hit enter and the Netflix birthday greeting videos will appear . These are created from scenes from movies, series or anime that are available on the service.
As you can see, activating this Netflix trick is quite simple and you can use it on any device. The amazing thing about all this is that the personalized birthday greetings videos can be downloaded to the computer, tablet or smartphone and sent to the person being honored.

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Written by Leena Wadia

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