Xiaomi: what does the briefcase symbol mean and what is it for?

If you have a Xiaomi brand phone, this information will be very useful. Find out what the briefcase symbol does.

Xiaomi what does the briefcase symbol mean and what is it for
Xiaomi what does the briefcase symbol mean and what is it for

Xiaomi phones hide many secret settings and with the arrival of Android 11 to a select group of smartphones of the brand, users have noticed the presence of a symbol in the form of a briefcase . What is it for? We will tell you.

According to Andro4all, a website specialized in technology, there is nothing to worry about if the briefcase symbol appears on your Xiaomi smartphone , since it represents the work mode of the brand’s equipment.

What is the briefcase symbol and what is it for on Xiaomi phones?
This is a new functionality available for the brand’s mobile devices that have Android 7.0 or higher. This icon represents the work mode or work profile, a very important feature to manage different actions.

Through the work mode , the terminal will be able to correctly execute functionalities such as dual applications or the second MIUI space, the customization layer of the firm’s smartphones .

However, when this feature is disabled, the Xiaomi phone , through MIUI , will not be able to run the tools mentioned in the previous paragraph. To activate it, you just have to enter Settings or Configuration, write in the search bar “Work mode> Activate work mode” and that’s it.

In conclusion, the briefcase symbol appears at the top of the screen of your smartphone , when the device is updated to Android 11 and has the functions of dual applications or the second MIUI space activated.

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