iPhone: How to convert a website to a PDF from the mobile device

Follow these simple steps so that you can save PDF files from websites.

Apple Stops Selling All Its Devices Online In Russia 2
Apple stops selling all its devices online in Russia 2

Nowadays it is possible to convert a web page into a PDF file and this is thanks to an incredible trick that you can do from your iPhone. It is important to note that this can only be done using the Safari browser, that is, from the iOS version.

It is likely that you have ever wondered if it is possible to convert a website to PDF and the answer is yes. It is a fairly simple procedure and this time we will teach you the correct steps.

A solution could be a screenshot on the web page, but this could be annoying when many screenshots accumulate in the library. That is why it is ideal to apply the use of PDF to display an Internet site.

Convert a website to PDF

  1. You are going to enter the Safari browser from your iPhone and access the web page that you want to convert to PDF. Once you enter, you will be placed in the specific part that you want to show in the file.
  2. Now take a screenshot and you will see the thumbnail image. You are going to place it in the lower left part and then click on it. In the screenshot, you will see some options and you will have to select where it says “Full page”.
  3. With this, Safari will convert the page to a PDF document. The next thing will be to press the “Share” button, an option that is shown as a folder with an arrow pointing up. Finally, to save the document you must press the “Save to file” option and that’s it.

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