Instagram will allow you to chat with friends while watching a live broadcast

The new feature that Instagram is working on will allow you to comment on a live show with a friend privately, and without having to leave the broadcast.


Instagram continues to work on features that will improve communication between users; one of the company’s objectives for 2022, as confirmed by its manager, Adam Mosseri. The social network, let’s remember, has started to activate the new direct messages, which include the possibility of responding to specific chats, changing the background of the conversation, or reacting with emojis. It has also announced several new features coming soon, such as the ability to take polls in group chats. All this, in addition, while developing a new feature related to chats in live broadcasts that could arrive very soon.

The platform, in particular, plans to add an option that will allow users to chat with each other when they are watching a live broadcast. Everything indicates that the feature is designed for two or more friends to comment on that ‘live’ privately. That is, without the need to write anything in the comments section of the live stream (because they are visible to everyone) and without having to leave the broadcast to chat from the Instagram messages section.

Screenshots of the feature, shared by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, reveal that the option will be located in the bottom menu, next to the share icon for that stream. The private chat button in an Instagram broadcast will open a kind of pop-up that can be hidden or shown again at any time through a gesture. In this way, the user can continue watching the direct and write a message when necessary. The feature, on the other hand, includes a button to add members to the chat. In addition, each user will be able to leave the conversation with an option that will appear next to their name.

Instagram continues to improve direct messages

Instagram, for the moment, has not shared details about this future function. However, the captures reflect that it is in development, so it could arrive in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the social network continues to add new features to its direct messages. Some of them are useful.

For example, we will soon be able to reply to a message from the Instagram feed, something that will prevent the user from missing the content they are viewing. It will also be possible to send silent messages. In this way, the sender will have the option not to disturb the recipient if he thinks he is sleeping or just busy.

The Meta-owned platform also wants users to spend more time in the messages section, and it does so with stickers and interactive widgets, such as voting, which are coming soon.

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Written by Rachita Salian


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