How to download and listen to music ONLINE FREE in MP3 in a legal and easy way to the cell phone

How to download and listen to music ONLINE FREE
How to download and listen to music ONLINE FREE

If you wonder where to download FREE ONLINE MUSIC? o How to listen to music online? Especially in this time where thanks to the Internet and streaming music platforms it is possible to access music files and playlist without having to pay a monthly fee or hire a premium Sportify account for example. It is also true that is a good option to listen to music online, but if you want to download songs you will need a Youtube to mp3 converter that is not always a good option.
How To Download And Listen To Music Online Free | Geekybar
Download music from programs and apps is possible?
The answer lies in streaming technology that currently allows the transmission and download of multimedia content that allows you to watch movies online and download music from programs and apps such as Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, Hulu, iTunes.

Download music can affect our computers and cell phones?
Although downloading music over the Internet is quite simple, since you only have to put in words or phrases like download music, free mp3 music, download music online, music online, download mp3, download mp3 music, download music free sometimes files can contain viruses that can damage your computer or cell phone. That’s why we recommend you always have a good antivirus activated and updated to avoid problems.

Is it possible to download music without infringing the copyright?
Now there are many online platforms that allow you to download music without infringing copyright such as Jamendo, FreeMusicArchive or PureVolume, and best of all is that they are songs in mp3 format compressed and friendly with any player.

So, forget about paying a monthly fee for listening to music on Spotify. In this article we will explain how you can download music for free, without the need to resort to expensive applications. In this way you can listen to your music online for free, without spending a single sun. We’ll teach you how to download lyrics from Spotify Web. Also, you will learn how to download music from YouTube and convert music from YouTube to mp3.

Prepare your headphones and your favorite music player with this list of pages to download and listen to music and you will not miss any song of your favorite artists. Now just relax and let yourself be entrapped by the music online.

1. Download music for free on Soundcloud
Soundcloud is one of the best known websites to download free music and listen to free music online legally. Several artists use this portal to share their songs with users around the world. Check your library here, you will not regret it.

2. Listen to free music on Spotify

The most popular platform for streaming music is without a doubt Spotify, this application has a ‘Premium’ version that you can take advantage of to download free music online and even download lyrics. And the free version allows you to download any song from different artists, genre, language, etc, for 30 days. Find out how to subscribe to get two free months on Spotify and download music on this link.

3. Listen to free music on Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the best services to listen to music online free from any device or place where we are, it is also one of the few platforms that allow you to listen to MP3 songs up to 320 kbps. Another advantage is that through its music library allows users to discover and upload music for free up to 50,000 songs to our Google account in the cloud.

4. Download free music on Deezer

Deezer is an online music streaming service that also allows you to download songs but not on your cell phone but in the cloud. Conceived as a streaming music app, it currently has a music library of more than 52 million songs and allows you to create playlists created by yourself, download song lyrics and identify the names of songs thanks to an option called SongCatcher. Remember that only in the paid version you can find all these functions, including download cover or download lyrics, since the free version is more limited.

5. Download music for free on Jamendo
Jamendo is one of the most requested websites to download free music in mp3 format, since with more than 10 years of creation it has evolved and improved its music library. Most of the songs you’ll find on Jamendo are from independent and emerging artists. If you want to hear good music online and the whole musical catalog, you can enter here.

6. Download free music in Live Music Archive
Live Music Archive is a platform that contains various mp3 and mp4 songs that you can use for free and easy, and the best thing of all is that you can download music without subscribing to the web. You can check the music catalog here.

7. Download songs for free on Epitonic
Epitonic is a simple and user-friendly web portal. He has been releasing music by independent artists in a legal way for years. Here you can listen to music online, watch song lyrics, as well as download mp3 music safely. All songs are mp3 format and you can get them without registering. Visit the web here.

8. Listen to music online for free at
It is one of the most varied pages to listen to music for free through any online application. Its platform is similar to Spotify and the main difference is that here you can download music from a single catalog. In addition, it allows you to create profiles and statistics about musical tastes. Check the musical social network here.

9. Listen to songs online at Noisetrade
This web portal will find free online music not commercial, but singers with different and unique styles. To listen to songs online in Noisetrade is not necessary to subscribe, the music is free and of automatic reproduction. In addition, you can send your mail to a link of the song that you liked most of your library and then download the song for free on your mobile. Check more of this website here.

10. Download free songs in Free Music Archive

This website allows you to download music legally and free of viruses. It was born as an initiative of the WFMU radio and its platform is similar to Soundcloud. The Free Music Archive catalog will provide you with free music, it changes constantly and always surprises. In this link you can enter the portal and enjoy the best topics in English


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