Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio shake Hollywood with a loving relationship

Jennifer Aniston And Leonardo Dicaprio Shake Hollywood With A Loving Relationship
Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio shake Hollywood with a loving relationship

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston rocked Hollywood with the strong rumor about their alleged romance, and today one of the couple’s friends was surprised to reveal more details.

Leonardo DiCaprio surprised his millions of fans in the world with a new rumor about his love life, because the media has linked him to actress Jennifer Aniston, ex-friend of his friend Brad Pitt with whom he will share roles in a new movie.

According to the portals of shows, the actors would take several months to go out, even one of the friends of their environment confirmed the relationship by reporting that both would have been watching in secret not to arouse rumors, but everything took more strength when the protagonist of the famous Friends series attended as a special guest at Leo’s 44th birthday in Los Angeles.

The friend of the artists exposed to the tabloid NW that both have been dating for several months, but it was at the birthday party of Leonardo Dicaprio when both would have confirmed the romance as a result of the trust they showed. However, the announcement would be uncomfortable for Leo following the recordings of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with Jennifer’s ex, Brad Pitt.

“They have basically finished their movie now, so it does not have to be uncomfortable. Brad was a little surprised that she went to his party, but started connecting the dots (and realized) that they have been dating since he introduced them. But he can not be angry. He has never wanted anything more than the best for Jennifer. Brad believes that Leonardo has all the characteristics of a great game, “said the source of the aforementioned media.

“Leo must have been very convincing for her to come, no doubt he made her feel very special. He has that flirtatious ability to make women feel like they’re the only girl in the world when they’re chasing someone, “said the couple’s friend, who strengthened rumors in the media.

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