Google Project Relate: new app that helps people with disabilities communicate

The new artificial intelligence speech recognition application seeks to benefit people with speech difficulties.

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Google Project Relate: new app that helps people with disabilities communicate

Google has been working on several projects aimed at solving different types of problems. Now it presents Project Relate, a software that aims to benefit people with speech difficulties due to different conditions.

This new software is in its beta version and has already been tested by several people, as Google is applying it in English-speaking countries, such as Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

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How does the app work?

You have three main options:

  1. Listen: the app will write what the user is saying in real time and will allow you to copy and paste or simply keep the message on the screen so that another person can read it. At this stage, what artificial intelligence must understand is processed and transcribed.
  2. Repeat: This function allows you to have a conversation between people and serves as an intermediary. In this stage, what the user tries to express is processed and reproduced with the voice of Google’s virtual assistant.
  3. Assistant: This option seeks to prepare the Google Assistant to identify speech patterns and facilitate interaction with people who have difficulty communicating.

When will its release date be?

Currently, the project is focused on learning to recognize language patterns with different types of difficulties when speaking and is only being tested in the English language. That is why an exact date for its use in different languages ​​has not been announced, but it is believed that the waiting time will not be very long.


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