Robbery Report: Victoria and David Beckham’s house was robed while they were there

Victoria and David Beckhams house was robed while they were there e1654004325908
Victoria and David Beckhams house was robed while they were there e1654004325908

Both  Victoria and David Beckham experienced moments of terror because on February 28, when a thief came to their house to rob them and take their belongings when they were inside with their daughter.

And it is that his mansion in Holland Park (London), valued at more than 57 million euros, was broken into by a thief while David, Victoria, and their daughter Harper Seven (10 years old) slept.

The British newspaper ‘Daily Mail‘ details that the thief entered with a mask and did so by breaking a window at the top of the mansion, while the Beckhams slept on the ground floor and had not realized that a criminal was in their home.

Likewise, it is detailed that the robbery was detected by Cruz Beckham (17 years old), who returned late at night because he had gone out partying with some friends; it was when she returned home that she noticed a window was broken and alerted her family.

“Fortunately, the criminals only reached a bedroom before running away,” a source close to the Beckham family told ‘The Sun’ newspaper.

The newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ affirms that  made a call to the police after noticing the robbery, in addition to making a tour in search of the thief, but he had already escaped, after achieving his mission.

And it is detailed that the criminal managed to take a loot of thousands of euros because he managed to steal the design and electrical accessories that he stole from the Beckham mansion.


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