FIFA 19 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019: A Comparison Of The Popular Soccer Simulators

FIFA 19 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Which is the better game
FIFA 19 vs. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Which is the better game

New modes, more leagues and greater realism. A comparison of the popular soccer simulators

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 19, developed by Konami, has already appeared on the court and in a few days it will be accompanied by the new edition of FIFA. Both come loaded with more game modes and the incorporation of different leagues and clubs. Both include the 26 clubs of the Argentine Super League.

PES 19

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The PES 19, which is available since August 28, has more than 400 teams, 10,000 players and 40 stadiums. And you can play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, through Steam.

On the cover of the classic edition, which costs USD 60, is the star of Barcelona, ​​Philippe Coutinho. David Beckham will also be in a special edition.

PES 2019 includes nine official leagues from countries such as Argentina, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Switzerland, Chile, Scotland, Turkey and Russia.

There are also some associated clubs from different parts of the world, including Barcelona and Premier League teams such as Liverpool and Arsenal, Monaco Ligue 1 and Schalke of the Bundesliga.

Also the International Champions Cup will be present, but the counter is that it will not count on the UEFA Champions League, which will be included in FIFA 19.

Among the new features are the 11 new skills to give greater precision to the movements and visible fatigue, which allows players to show with fatigue in performance, as the game goes on.

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The Enlighten software, meanwhile, represents more realistically the effects of natural light on the court. It should be noted that the images can be enjoyed with 4K quality, which also adds its share of realism and sharpness.

The myClub mode is also renewed. High performance players will be found; legendary players, such as Diego Maradona, Pelé and Roberto Carlos, among others; and players of the week, with statistics that are updated based on the performance of players in the real world.

The game developed by EA Sports, which will go on sale on September 28 and will be available for PlayStation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, will come in three editions: Classic, Champions and Ultimate Edition.

Here are also the 26 clubs of the Argentine league. It also includes the main leagues in Europe and other parts of the world, with the exclusivity of the UEFA Champions League.

The passes and transitions were optimized. Now the players will be able to receive the ball from behind, control it with their chests, make Chileans and shoot with their heads.

Among the novelties stands out the Rivals mode, a game mode that replaces the old seasons and that seeks to match players of the same level in the competitions that will be done weekly.

In the Survival mode, a player will be drawn each time a goal is scored to add difficulty to the game and in the No rules option, kicks or any other foul will not be charged.

This will be the third and final year of The Journey, the story mode starring the character Alex Hunter. In this edition, the virtual player registers for Real Madrid with the intention of winning the UEFA Champions League, which appears for the first time in FIFA 19.

“In turn, players can build the team of their dreams in FIFA Ultimate Team, including updated and authentic content in real time directly from the most prestigious club competitions in the world, including the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League.” It stands out in an official statement.

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