Besides the pool: Nadia Ferreira, Marc Anthony’s girlfriend, shook the net

Miss Paraguay shared a new photo of her vacation with the Puerto Rican.

Nadia Ferreira Marc Anthony
Nadia Ferreira Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira is one of the couples of the moment, and all the spotlights are on them. Every move the lovebirds make, they are put in the spotlight by the paparazzi. One of the events was the attendance of both at the wedding of the son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn.

Marc and Nadia are currently on vacation in the Dominican Republic. The couple traveled in the company of the model’s mother, Mrs. Ludy Ferreira, and her best friend, Abdala Oviedo. From there, the young woman greeted her for Easter with a rabbit in her hands, at the edge of the pool. “God bless you. Happy Easter” was the simple greeting that the model made.

In her stories, Nadia also shared a photo with the salsero and the text: “There is nothing like being in the arms of my man.” It is that she is 22 years old and he is 53, so it is a significant age difference.

Besides the pool: Nadia Ferreira, Marc Anthony's girlfriend, shook the net

In the last few hours, Nadia shared a photo where she is seen wearing a chocolate-colored two-piece swimsuit, which highlighted her white skin complexion. “There is nothing like a bath in the afternoon” was the simple but brief text that she chose for the model for the epigraph.

Besides the pool: Nadia Ferreira, Marc Anthony's girlfriend, shook the net

Nadia‘s publication exceeded 60,000 likes and 300 comments. “Bella” was the compliment left by Cristy Solís, the wife of Marco Antonio Solís, who always highlights her beauty on social networks. “Woooooowwwwww mermaid” and “I don’t know how to swim but I’m drowning because of you” were some of the beautiful messages she received.

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