England ends legal restrictions against COVID-19 from Today onwards

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England announces the end of all legal restrictions that were still in force against COVID-19, including isolation for those infected

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce this Monday the end of all “legal restrictions” that were still in force against COVID-19 , including the obligation to isolate for those infected, as part of his plan to “live with the coronavirus” .

The Executive will meet on Monday morning to approve the project and later Johnson will report to Parliament, after which he will offer a press conference, according to a statement released by Downing Street.

This announcement occurs in parallel to the fact that Queen Elizabeth II, 95, has been infected with the disease and has “mild symptoms, similar to a cold.”

Following our successful vaccination programme, we are in a strong position to consider lifting the remaining legal restrictions, when more than 81% of adults have already received a booster dose in England and cases continue to fall.” .

Despite everything, the Government acknowledges that the pandemic continues and that there is “considerable uncertainty” about its future in the United Kingdom.

The pandemic is not over, but thanks to the incredible vaccination campaign we are now one step closer to getting back on track and finally giving people their freedoms back, while continuing to protect ourselves and others,” Johnson said, according to the statement. .

For the prime minister, “today will mark a moment of pride after one of the most difficult periods in the history of our country, as we begin to learn to live with COVID-19.

Johnson pledged to take a “cautionary approach” by maintaining some surveillance systems and plans for contingency measures that can be used if new variants appear.

Thanks to the great success of the vaccination program and our greater understanding of the virus, we can now move from government intervention to personal responsibility, “according to the note

The intention of the Conservative Executive is to greatly reduce the number of tests that are carried out to concentrate them on the most vulnerable population, since only last January more than 2,000 million pounds (2,400 million euros) were spent on tests, according to Johnson told the BBC.

Johnson is also expected to certify the end of mandatory isolation for COVID-19 positives , which is currently ten days, although it can be reduced to five if you are vaccinated and the antigen test is negative from the sixth day.

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