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20 Amazing Facts About Argentina You May Not Know!

Argentina, often known as the Argentine Republic, is a South American nation. Argentina, best known for football, tango, and wine, is also the eighth-largest nation in the world, just after India, with an area of 2.7 million kilometers, and the second-largest country in South America, after Brazil.

Argentina, which has a population of almost 46 million people, gained independence from Spain in 1816 and is today a democratic republic.

20 Amazing Facts About Argentina You May Not Know!

Argentina has boundaries with the Atlantic Ocean, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Uruguay, and is rich in jungles, nature, plains, and animals. Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is today a modern urban and metropolitan metropolis.

Argentina is a Spanish-speaking nation, with Spanish as its official language, although the populace is also fluent in Italian, English, and French.

Argentina has a wonderful history and culture, which many people are unaware of. Here they are:

Argentina owns a portion of Antarctica.

Expedition Antarctica | Argentina Cruise | Jules Verne

As of 1904, Argentina had around 965,000 square kilometers of territory in Antarctica, which is one of the most interesting statistics about Argentina. Argentina’s national territory includes this region, known as Argentine Antarctica.

This is part of the Antarctic Treaty System, which was established to govern the international relations of Antarctica, the world’s only uninhabited continent. According to the most recent census in 2010, Argentine Antarctica is home to 230 natives.

Surprisingly, the flag selected in 1999 for this region is named “The Albatross.”

Therapy is often used

What Are the Benefits of Therapy?

According to data, Argentina has more psychologists per capita than any other nation in the world. And over half of these are in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Seeking mental health care seems to be less stigmatized in Argentina than elsewhere.

Many analysts attribute this to the Argentinians’ sense of reflection. Things are done more individually here, and people value individuality more. In reality, psychoanalysis, which is almost defunct in many nations, is widespread in Argentina.

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A Surprising National Sport

Argentina at FIFA World Cup 2022: Squad analysis, starting XI, formation - Sportstar

Most people think that Argentina’s national sport is soccer since it is home to Messi, Maradona, and an incredible soccer team that has won the World Cup twice. Soccer is also the most popular sport in Argentina.

Another interesting fact about Argentina is that, as of 1953, the national game is Pato. Pato, which is played on horseback, combines elements of polo and basketball. Pato literally translates to duck, and this is because the game used to feature a real duck instead of a ball!

Among the first states to legalize same-sex marriage

Gay rights across the globe | Deccan Herald

Argentina is Latin America’s first nation to allow same-sex marriage. This historic event happened on July 22, 2010. Argentina was well ahead of other industrialised nations in legalising same-sex marriage. According to a 2017 poll, around 65% of the Argentine people supported same-sex marriage.

World Famous For Wine…Now What?

Top 10 Argentine Wines for 2020

Argentina is well-known for producing exceptional quality wine. Argentina is, in reality, the world’s fifth biggest wine producer. One of the interesting facts about Argentina is that wine is also its national beverage.

This, however, was not always the case. Prior to the 1990s, wine quality was prioritised above quantity. This ruined the wine’s flavour, and it had to be washed down with soda or sparkling water to mask it.

However, production processes quickly improved, and today tourists flock to Argentina to taste world-famous wine and explore picturesque vineyards.

Argentina literally translates to “Land of Silver.”

20 Amazing Facts About Argentina You May Not Know!

Argentina is thought to be a Latin term with Spanish, French, and Italian origins. However, it means “the country of silver” in all versions. Early visitors thought Argentina had a mountain full with silver. The “silver mountains tale” was the name given to this fable.

The term “Argentine Republic” first appeared in the constitution and became the formal name of the country in 1826. During the 1900s, the term Argentina became less common and was eventually supplanted by Argentina.

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An economic crisis in Argentina in 2001 resulted in the election of five presidents in two weeks.

Buenos Aires Times | Argentines recall nation's worst ever crisis, 20 years on

Argentina had five presidents between December 20, 2001, and January 2, 2002, as a consequence of a huge economic crisis that resulted in 13.2 billion dollars in debt. Following a period of financial boom in the 1990s, a sequence of tragic events including a banking crisis and foreign debts exacerbated the country’s economic predicament.

Protests and rioting, which resulted in numerous fatalities, political blunders, and an inability to defuse the situation, culminated in presidents quitting one after the other in less than two weeks.

Rosario residents cannot legally name their children after Messi

69 metre high Messi Mural appears in hometown Rosario

It’s no secret that football great Lionel Messi is from Argentina. What is less well-known, and one of the most amusing facts about Argentina, is that parents in his birthplace of Rosario are legally prohibited from naming their kid after Messi.

This was caused by too many individuals using the name Messi, which worried authorities that the town would become overrun with Messis, causing confusion.

Tango Was Once Illegal

Berlinale Talents Project - Tango Illegal | Berlinale Talents

One of the interesting facts about Argentina, the famed Tango nation, is that the dance style was formerly prohibited. Tango was once considered indecent and enticing, and was exclusively performed in low-lying streets and brothels.

Tango, on the other hand, has grown in popularity and recognition since the 1980s. People now travel from all over the globe to see tango performances in Argentina.

Argentinians Love Radio

REA - Radio Electronica Argentina

Did you know that radio is still the most popular medium in Argentina?

In reality, Argentina had its first radio transmission in August 1920, which also occurred to be one of the world’s earliest. The typical person spends two hours each week listening to the radio, which is the most among nations.

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Political Parties Have Their Own Beer Brands

20 Crazy Things That Only Happen In Argentina | BusinessInsider India

One of Argentina’s most fascinating fun facts is that many political parties and personalities have beers named after them.

This tradition began when a bar called Evita after Evita Paron, a former first lady, important political figure, and suffragette movement champion. Following this, numerous parties were inspired and produced various beers named after themselves.

The World’s Most Plastic Cosmetic Surgeries

girl, sad, portrait

Argentina is also noted for being very concerned with aesthetics and attractiveness. As a result, it is believed that one out of every thirty women in Argentina has cosmetic surgery.

Unfortunately, there is a flip side to this as well; it is believed that more than 30% of Argentina’s population suffers from an eating problem.

Argentina Is a Land of Extreme Temperatures

Historic heat wave hits Buenos Aires, Argentina -

Argentina had the highest and lowest temperatures in South America. Rivadavia recorded the hottest temperature of nearly 49 degrees Celsius in 1905. In 1907, Sarmiento recorded the lowest temperature of around – 32 degrees Celsius.

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South America’s Highest and Lowest Points

Mount Aconcagua | Location, Map, Elevation, & Facts | Britannica

Mt. Aconcagua, located in the Andes Mountain Range, is the highest peak in South America and the Western Hemisphere, standing at nearly 22,000 feet. The Valdés Peninsula is South America’s lowest point, at 131 feet below sea level.

Home to a One-Of-A-Kind Glacier

The walkways of the Perito Moreno Glacier - Tolkeyen Patagonia Turismo

The Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, Argentina, is one of the world’s largest sources of naturally stored freshwater. Not only that, but it is one of only three glaciers in the world that is expanding rather than contracting. Hopefully, it will continue in this manner!

The Argentina is the first country to use fingerprints as evidence.

Fingerprint Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free Download

Argentina was the first nation in the world to recognise fingerprints in a criminal case, which is one of its interesting facts. In 1892, Necochea in Buenos Aires became the first community to use fingerprints to identify a criminal. This occurred after the murder of two young toddlers.

During their investigation, the cops discovered a fingerprint on the door handle. They may use it to track down the murderer, who also happened to be the children’s mother.

Home of the World’s First Cartoon

Argentine Animated Features 1917-1970 |

Argentina is famous for being the first nation to produce a full-length animated film in 1917. Quirino Cristiani, the guy behind it, became an inspiration to the maestro of cartoons himself, Walt Disney, when he visited Argentina.

Argentina has two female presidents

Four Years Ago, Latin America Had Four Female Presidents. What Happened? - Americas Quarterly

Most contemporary and wealthy nations nevertheless have an alarmingly low proportion of female leaders, and even fewer have had a female president. One of Argentina’s lesser-known amusing facts is that it elected its first female president in 1974.

While her husband died unexpectedly, Isabel Peron, who had previously served as vice president when her husband was in office, took over.

Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner became Argentina’s first female president in 2007. She served until 2015, when she was reappointed vice president till 2019. She was Argentina’s second female president and third female vice president.

Over one-third of the population is Italian.

Argentina's Italian heritage: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries Buenos Aires experienced a massive wave of emigrants from Italy - CBS News

Around 37% of Argentina’s population is said to be of Italian descent. This proportion represents about 13 million individuals. This is reported to have the second-largest Italian population outside of Italy. This vast population is only second to that of Brazil.

Argentina Discovered the Earliest Plants

Fossils of 'world's oldest plants' are unearthed in Argentina | Daily Mail Online

The Argentine Institute of Snow, Ice, and Environmental Research determined that the first plants to thrive on land existed in Argentina.

These plants are known as liverworts. They developed from green algae and had no roots, making them very primitive. The researchers discovered that these plants lived around 470 million years ago.

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