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10 Best Mexican Food You Must Try

Mexico, America’s southern neighbour, is a land of miracles. Mexican culture is filled with extravagant rituals and celebrations, and the scenery of this lovely nation has a warm and tropical temperature, but one of the finest things about Mexico is unquestionably its gastronomy.

Mexican cuisine is world-renowned and extends beyond the generally plain fare seen in restaurant franchises such as Chipotle. There’s a lot more to Mexican cuisine than tacos and burritos, and there’s a lot for travellers to see and do in Mexico. Without further ado, here are ten authentic Mexican meals that everyone should taste.


Mexican Food

Tamales are a typical Mexican dish composed of masa (corn dough). This steamed masa is loaded with a variety of ingredients, including meats such as chicken or pig, as well as vegetables. Cheeses, vegetables, fruits, and even peppers may be added to these steamed pockets in addition to the meats.

Tamales are then wrapped in a dried corn husk and cooked to perfection after being filled. The finished product is a delectable maize crust packed with luscious fillings. Tamales are eaten without the maize husk and may be served with side dishes and sauces.


Mexican Food

The next dish on this list is birria. Birria is not a well-known cuisine outside of Mexico, and you may have never heard of it, but it is one of the finest Mexican foods that everyone should taste. Birria is a basic stew-like cuisine that commonly comprises meat, such as goat or mutton, which is then gently cooked in a spice-rich sauce.

The ultimate consequence of this technique is a tasty stew with soft, juicy beef. While chicken, beef, or port are not often utilized, they may be.

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Mexican Food

Carnitas means “small meats” in Spanish, which is somewhat accurate. Carnitas are little chunks of pork that have been cooked until they are soft enough to be broken apart with a fork. Carnitas is a famous dish outside of Mexico, and it can be found at major restaurant chains in Mexico like as Chipotle, where it is used to fill tacos and burritos.

Along with softness, carnitas is often fried before serving, so sections are frequently crunchy on the exterior while remaining juicy. Carnitas are ideal for taco filling.


Mexican Food

Molcajete is a dish that comes after carnitas. Because of the manner it is served for eating, molcajete is also known as a lava bowl. To begin, a molcajete is a bowl of boiling vegetables and meat, also referred to as a stew. Molcajete is served in a boiling hot mortar and pestle bowl, and both the dish and the meal are hot to the touch.

Due to the intense warmth of this meal, travellers are advised not to take it on a hot day unless they are in AC.


Mexican Food


The following meal in this list is known as a mole. While most people refer to this meal as Mexican curry, it really refers to a family of sauces that come in a variety of hues. Each of these hues has a distinct flavor and even a distinctive amount of spiciness.

Each of these sauces begins with the same fundamental ingredients: a chilli pepper of some kind is used as the foundation of this sauce, and many additional spices are added subsequently. Some moles even have traces of chocolate in them to lend a touch of sweetness.

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Mexican Food

Tacos are next on the list. Tacos are a popular Mexican dish all over the globe, and with cause. Tacos are generally tortillas filled with cheeses, sauces, and ingredients such as meats, beans, or even vegetables, but the traditional Mexican street vendor taco is quite different from the Americanized version.

For starters, street vendor tacos lack expensive toppings like sour cream or guacamole, as well as lettuce and cheese. They all have one component in common: beef. If you’re wondering how these basic recipes gain their flavour, it’s in the way the meat and spices are prepared.


Mexican Food

Enchiladas are another popular Mexican dish found in restaurants and households around the country. Enchiladas are a terrific supper option, particularly when paired with a drink like root beer, and are ideal for cheese lovers. An enchilada is a big tortilla filled with veggies, beans, and meat, most often chicken, pig, or beef.

This roll is then baked in a baking pan with an unique sauce and a blanket of cheese. The mixture is then cooked until the cheese melts and served with sour cream and guacamole.


Mexican Food

Chilaquiles are next on his list. Chilaquiles are another meal that uses a tortilla as its main component. Chilaquiles are produced by slicing tortillas into thin strips and then deep-frying them to serve as the dish’s basis. After the corn strips have been fried, they are arranged on a platter and a second layer is added.

The second layer consists of a salsa or a mole sauce that is let to boil on top of the tortillas to soften them. The meal is garnished with eggs, cheese, chicken, and sour cream.

Chilli Powdered Fruits

Mexican Food

The foods listed below are not difficult to prepare and are not unique to Mexico, although they are much more plentiful in the country to our south. When travelling across Mexico, you will almost certainly come across a street seller selling fruit in a cup, sprinkled with a little chilli powder, which gives a sense of spiciness and contrasts the sweetness of the fruit in a beautiful way.

The use of fresh fruits produced locally, such as pineapples, kiwis, and others, distinguishes these street sellers from the general public who may cook this meal at home.

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Con Leche Rice

Mexican Food

Last but not least, I bring to you Arroz Con Leche, which translates as “rice with milk.” This meal is more than just rice and milk; it is a pudding with those two ingredients as primary components, and it is a classic cuisine that is no longer limited to Mexico owing to its global appeal.

Arroz con Leche is a simple dessert that can be created at home with little work and just a few ingredients, the major ones being rice, sugar, milk, and cinnamon, but it is one of the finest.

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