13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Beaches, jungles, or large cities? Colombia, in South America, offers everything! Plan your vacation now and be sure to visit these stunning Colombian cities! From Bogata, Colombia’s biggest city, to Medellin, the cultural hub, these Colombian cities offer something for everyone.

Forget what you’ve heard: Colombia is the go-to South American tourist destination, and tourism is growing. It’s just a short flight away, the cost of living is low, and the cuisine, nightlife, and scenery all spectacular. Whether you visit Columbia on a tour or on your own, you must include these Columbian cities on your itinerary.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, is the biggest metropolis in the nation and one of the largest cities in South America, with a population of 9 million people.

Explore the picturesque La Candelaria district’s historic cobblestone streets. The town of La Candelaria is notable for its cobblestone streets and historic centre.

Cartagena de Indias

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Another Colombian city you should visit is Cartagena. It oozes with beauty, intrigue, and tropical heat.

The beachfront city was designed with a colonial flare, and the beautifully coloured homes of the old town are adorned with flowers and vegetation.

This lovely colonial village on the Caribbean coast is one of the most popular Colombian tourist destinations. The city is well-known not just for its beautiful beaches and pure seas, but also for its history and culture.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Medellin has a poor reputation as Pablo Escobar’s hometown, yet the city has completely rebuilt itself in the last 15 years.

The 2 million-person metropolis has some of the greatest nightlife in the nation in the Poblado area, as well as a vast and easily accessible National Park on the neighbouring slope.

San Andres Island

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

This undiscovered Caribbean island is located near Nicaragua and is roughly a three-hour flight from Colombia’s mainland.

San Andres is recognised for its crystal blue seas, making it a popular diving and snorkelling destination.

Dive into the crystal blue seas or just relax and unwind in the year-round wonderful weather.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Jardin really is a town that time has forgotten. Step back in time in this little rural community that has been undisturbed by modernity.

Wander the main square’s healthy market streets, see the Basilica, and enjoy the numerous cafés and restaurants that stretch their tables out into the sun.

Spend your days trekking surrounding mountainsides and waterfalls and your evenings enjoying coffee with the locals. I guarantee you’ll never look at Colombia the same way again after this.

Santa Marta

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

This charming village is nestled against a picturesque landscape of undulating hills. The Cathedral of Santa Marta and the Church of San Francisco are among the churches and cathedrals in Colombia’s oldest city.

The historic centre is loaded with beautiful structures as well as a variety of museums, including the Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino, Simón Bolvar’s old house.

Villa de Leyva

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

This lovely village in Colombia’s Andean highlands is a place where time stays still. It is one of Colombia’s most picturesque villages, famed for its whitewashed homes and cobblestone streets.

Plaza Mayor is one of South America’s biggest primary squares, built with cobblestones and surrounded by colonial buildings. Near the area is also the majestic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary, which was completed in 1604.

The structure has colonial baroque architecture and altarpieces made from wood and coated in gold.

San Gil

13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

San Gil, situated in eastern Colombia, is well-known for its extreme sports. From paragliding to white-water rafting to bunjy jumping, this is the place to be for adventure enthusiasts.

The Fundación Santurbán Museum exhibits natural history from the area, while the Casa de la Cultura holds exhibitions and activities connected to the arts and humanities.

The town is also a popular location for those who want to see the area’s coffee estates.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

This city, located in western Colombia, is renowned as the global capital of Salsa. Cali is the place to go if you want to experience authentic Colombian nightlife.

Many other Latin American towns have preserved colonial structures frozen in time, while Cali has a more contemporary air with colonial buildings mixed in with new.

Cali has a rich heritage of Afro-Colombian culture and an excellent historic centre outside of the nightlife. There are many museums in the city, including the Cali Art Museum and the La Tertulia Museum.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Barranquilla is situated on the Caribbean coast and in the Magdalena River delta. It is well-known for the Barranquilla Carnival. It is the world’s third-largest Carnival!

Tourists come to Barranquilla mostly for the festival, but the city also has a number of notable museums, including the Barranquilla Museum of Modern Art.

The Caribe Museum explores the history and culture of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Popayán is a Colombian city in the Andean region. It has a population of around 350,000 people and is well-known for its gorgeous colonial architecture and yearly Holy Week events.

Popayán, often known as the White City, is situated in the Cauca department. Beautiful mountains and valleys surround it.

Popayán is a wonderful year-round resort due to its nice tropical environment and temperatures.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Manizales is a Colombian city in the Andean region. It is the capital of the Caldas department and has a population of over 300,000 people.

The city is recognised for its stunning natural surroundings, which include the Los Nevados National Natural Park, which has various hiking routes and spectacular overlooks.

Manizales has various cultural sights worth seeing, including the Manizales Cathedral, which is a remarkable example of neo-gothic architecture, and the Casa de la Cultura.


13 Best Places To Visit in Colombia

Bucaramanga, located in north-central Colombia, is well-known for its parks and beautiful weather. The city’s green landscapes must rank among its top attractions. They are for nature enthusiasts who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

It has an astonishing 160 parks spread around the city, the most well-known of which are Parque Centenario, Parque Santander, and Romero park.

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