Who is the only one who could kill Deadpool? Marvel reveals

For years fans have wondered if Deadpool would find death sooner or later, and one of Marvel’s latest comics would confirm his end once and for all.

Who Is The Only One Who Could Kill Deadpool Marvel Reveals
Marvel: who would be the only one who could kill Deadpool? (Photo: Marvel Comics)

Comic heroes have had decades of history because they are practically immortal. Beyond the powers they possess or some ability that prevents them from dying, their importance in the world of comics has led to the reinvention of Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wolverine, etc. stories over and over again. They aim to never end.

Among these characters is Deadpool, the bigmouth mercenary who, in addition to being one of Marvel’s main characters, also has the ability to regenerate to a ridiculous degree that many consider him an immortal person. However, fans knew that sooner or later his end would come, and so his responsible publisher made it happen.

Recently Marvel Comics began a new series of one-shots that would tell the final adventure of its most important heroes. Despite being out of the current continuity of the company, fans in this way would see their favourite characters have a final battle or final mission to honour them properly.

But, knowing what Deadpool is like and all the sarcasm presented by his comics, who would be able to put an end to this anti-hero who is practically immortal? In his next issue of ” Deadpool: The End ” it is revealed who his executioner would be. Attention! There will be spoilers later.



After seeing the death of Miles Morales as an old Spider-Man having his last battle against evil, or the heroic sacrifice of Venom to save humanity on a cosmic level, fans wondered what Deadpool was waiting for him on his adventure final.

And this was revealed not only in the previous revealed pages of the comic, but it was also shown to the only man who could face him and put an end to the madness of the bigmouth mercenary. This is none other than Deadpool himself.

After all, considering all the crazy adventures Deadpool has had in his life, his fans should not be surprised at the fact that his last battle is not against an alien invasion or some cosmic fight against a villain, but against himself. Same … but of the future.

But this one is not alone. The final confrontation will take place between a Deadpool that comes from the future with a transformer-style suit, a baby Franklin Richards with the Infinity Gauntlet and against Lady Death herself, the lover that the mercenary would have had at some point in its history.

In the revealed pages of the show of ” Deadpool: The End ” it is seen that both mercenaries fight hard while talking between jokes, but without neglecting that this is a battle to the death that would end with one or the other at the end of the fight.

Those followers who thought that Deadpool’s death would come when he lost his healing factor were wrong, who would end his self of the future although it is not yet known how exactly he will do it knowing that he is as invincible as himself.

On the other hand, fans also worried that this comic was much more sober or quiet than previous instalments of Deadpool, but considering what both anti-heroes say when fighting, they can rest assured that the comic will arrive with all the Saccharm and black humour as always

“Deadpool: The End” will arrive in stores in the United States on January 29, 2020. Its official synopsis reads as follows: “THE DEADPOOL FINAL HISTORY! It may seem that Wade Wilson is immortal, but there is more than one way to end it … But don’t trust my word! Deadpool scribe, Joe Kelly, and Deadpool artist who broke records, Mike Hawthorne, come together to prove it! Deadpool is over! 



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