Thor: Love and Thunder, the character no one anticipated to return to Marvel, is now here

Thor: Love And Thunder 
Thor Love and Thunder toys

Thor: Love and Thunder is a psychedelic journey of jokes, unlikely scenes, and even tears. The most recent film from the Marvel factory by Taika Waititi surprises with its strange ductile ability. It is a superhero movie that at the same time encompasses a love story and the farewell of a beloved character. But also, and to the surprise of a good part of the audience, it is also the return of another much-loved one.

It’s about Idris Elba’s Heimdall, who makes a surprise appearance that the franchise kept a secret throughout the film’s promotion. The beloved guardian of ancient Asgard had a brief cameo in the film that excited and intrigued in equal measure. As part of the second post-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunderthe character is tasked with welcoming the recently deceased Jane Foster. “Welcome to Valhalla,” she says kindly. His appearance is much more informal than the audience can remember, which is surprising and moving.

From his familiar golden armor, he now wears simple black and gray robes. Additionally, she wears her hair in long dark dreadlocks that encircle a placid face. Her appearance demonstrating the implications of Jane Foster’s transformation into Mighty Thor is also symbolic.

Thor: Love and Thunder are one of Marvel’s feature films with the greatest sense of the mythological. From the appearances of the goats Tanngnjóstr and Tanngrisnir, the Bifröst in all its splendor, to the sense of Nordic transcendence. Taika Waititi’s film was surprising for its good work in including everything related to the context of Thor within the plot.

Thor: Love and Thunder raise a bevy of unanswered questions with its mix of familiar faces and intriguing new ones

Heimdall’s appearance in Thor: Love and Thunder show that it could very well happen, that every character in the Thor sub-franchise could return in one way or another. After all, at various points in the comic, Thor himself has returned from “non-existence” and managed to bring back his minions after Ragnarok. Could it mean Jane’s arrival in the realm of the Gods, what is the possibility of a return to earth?

For now, the only thing clear is that a whole new generation of Asgardians is preparing to re-raise Asgard from its ashes. From the very young and unknown Axl Heimdallson –who inherited gifts from his father Heimdall– to the return of Lady Sif to train a new generation. Everything seems to indicate that there will undoubtedly be new relevant characters in the Thor sub-franchise.

Of course, for now, Heimdall’s presence seems to be more of a friendly cameo than anything else. Still, didn’t Loki — the great absentee in Thor: Love and Thunder  — prove that death is no obstacle for an Asgardian? Most likely, Jane Foster gets a well-deserved break in Valhalla. But nothing ensures that it will be very long or even definitive. It only remains to wait.

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Written by Rachita Salian

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