Thor: Love and Thunder: 8 facts you probably missed

Thor Love and Thunder 1200by667
Thor Love and Thunder 1200by667

Thor: Love and Thunder have just been released in theaters. After years of waiting for the new Marvel movie, we have finally been able to analyze it in depth. However, we know that many watch these movies just to have a good time, so if you are one of them, surely you missed some other detail. Although they are not too important details, they do add much more background to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is thanks to them that they always manage to surprise us with funny and unexpected cameos, and Thor: Love and Thunder have been no exception.

For this reason, today we leave you with eight small details that you surely missed while watching Thor: Love and Thunder. From the relationship between relevant characters to the small tattoos on the body of the God of Thunder. Of course, there are spoilers ahead.

Thor: Love and Thunder, Korg, and the slain deity were all present

This scene is not easy to miss in the movie. Following an alarm signal issued by Sif, Thor and Korg decide to transport them to a cold, distant world to investigate. It seems that Gorr has claimed a new victim. From a distance, Thor and Korg see the huge fallen corpse of a god. This scene is awesome in Thor: Love and Thunder, and it has a rather curious origin. It is a nod to the past of our favorite hero.

This specific scene draws directly from the Thor comics. Drawn by Esad Ribic, and written by Jason Aaron, we can see the God of Thunder standing alone on a rock. Looking at the cold body of a fallen god in a strange world.

Nick Furry

No, we have not misspelled it. One of the scenes in the movie reveals that our beloved Thor has scheduled Nick Fury differently on his phone. In one of the scenes, we see Nick trying to contact the God of Thunder. When Thor sees the call on his cell phone screen, the name Nick ‘Furry’ appears. A fun detail, more than interesting. A hint about dearest Nick’s hobbies.

Thor takes place in 2023

That’s how it is. Although at no time in the film is the date confirmed, this is quite easy to guess. In one of the scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder, the hero himself are finally reunited with Jane Foster. It is here that he tells the heroine that it has been eight years, seven months, and six days since they last saw each other. Taking into account that the last time both characters saw each other was in 2015, everything seems to be white and bottled. Calculations show that Thor: Love and Thunder takes place in the year 2023.

A character has a Thanos poster in their room

Probably the multiversal equivalent of having a poster of a certain historical figure that starts with H… Yes, in New Asgard we get a brief glimpse of Axl, son of Heimdall’s room. In it, the image of Thanos is seen on a poster in his room of him. This is not everything. It also has a poster of the iconic band Guns N’ Roses hanging on one of the walls. A sign that art crosses borders, national or universal.

Loki’s tattoos on Thor’s body

Thor is sentimental by nature in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Despite the ups and downs of his relationship with Loki, the god of lies, the hero has great affection for his brother De him. Let’s remember the fatal fate that this character suffered at the hands of Thanos. Now, it seems that Thor has decided to remember him forever by tattooing it on his body. In the scene where we see the god naked and chained, several marks that say “RIP Loki”, the word “Brothers” and a red heart, a flower, a banner, and a roll of paper are reflected on his back.

Of course, the tattoo with the iconic horns of Loki that Thor has in the center of his back is unmissable.

Infinity stone? Best ‘Infinity Conez’

It seems that in New Asgard they found a new way to deal with the trauma Thanos left behind. In one of the scenes, we see Valkyrie —the king version— cut a big bow to open an ice cream parlor called “Infinity Cones”. A very clear nod to the “Infinity Stones” that took so much effort for Thanos to gather.

Who is Love and who is Thunder

You will probably think this is obvious. However, you will be making a “mistake” by association. We put “error” in quotes because you will surely have associated it correctly, but it is never too late to confirm your theories. Although in the film it was never defined who was Love and who was Thunder, in an interview with Chris Hemsworth, the actor talks about the role played by his daughter in Thor: Love and Thunder.

“My daughter is there too,” she tells Kevin McCarthy, ” she plays the part of Love .” She’s done, now you can sleep in peace.

Mjölnir and Thor’s promise to Jane

Another issue that the film does not address in depth is the Mighty Thor. Why does Mjölnir listen to Jane? Well, it seems that this answer goes back to one of the many times that Thor and Jane were in a relationship.

Through a flashback, we see Thor swear an oath to his hammer. In it, he asks Mjölnir to always protect Jane. This is enough for humans to use the powerful mythological weapon in times of need.

What do you think?

Written by Rachita Salian


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